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Alexander – University of Westminster

Semester 1, 2019
Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Creative Industries

Watch a vlog about my exchange experience here, or read on below! 

The University of Westminster is located in central London. The campus is compact and modern in its layout. One of the best parts about university life for me was playing rugby for Westminster. Joining a sports team was a great way to connect with people and I would highly recommend it for anyone going on exchange.

Life in London

As expected, the cost of rent and groceries within London was steep. However, there are a lot of discounts on offer for students including a discounted travel card for the tube and bus services. There were also a lot of free attractions to be taken advantage of during my exchange. These included the British Museum, Borough and Camden Markets as well as Hyde Park to name a few.

Another one of London’s perks is the travel. Trains from London go across the UK allowing for easy exploration across the country on weekends. Better still were the cheap flights across Europe. I spent much of my free time travelling to other countries. Every holiday and long weekend I would travel somewhere new. Travelling to Norway with friends from Uni and travelling solo across southern Europe were true highlights of my trip. And I would encourage anyone to try travelling both in a group and on your own.

The exchange program is an opportunity to try new experiences. The best advice I can offer is to explore as much as you can. Travel to someplace different. Meet new people from other countries and experience their culture. Finally, if you’re going to a big city such as London, then be travel smart. A healthy dose of paranoia and scepticism will save you a lot of grief. But above all, make your exchange memorable.


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  1. Hey Alexander,
    After reading your post, I want to travel to London even more than ever! I agree that one of the best parts of participating in an exchange based in England is how close in proximity you are to so many other destinations in Europe. It’s so cool that a short flight will take you to new and amazing places like Norway.

    In Australia, a short flight will take you to another part of Australia. I’m intrigued by your comment, “A healthy dose of paranoia and scepticism will save you a lot of grief”. Can you share an experience you had in which this consideration was relevant?

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