Exchange at the University of Minnesota

Meng Lee, Bachelor of Business
University of Minnesota, USA (Semester 2, 2017)

Overall, I would recommend the University of Minnesota (U of M) for all students that are interested in going on a long term exchange. The organizer for this program was really helpful and friendly for students to ask questions. I took many opportunities to travel around the different states but I would say the transportation from state to state is really expensive as compared to Australia. For example, if you are planning to go New York during your break, it would probably cost you around 250 USD. I would recommend that you to book the ticket early as to avoid this issue.

I found that Minnesota is a really quiet and peaceful place. There is not a lot of night life or shopping…so please don’t expect it will be the same life as New York, Chicago or other big cities (hahahah). However, there is the biggest shopping center in US which is the Mall of America. You probably could find all your stuff there.

If you are planning to go U of M during the winter time, I will suggest you to bring more thick clothes! The weather is crazy there! I AM SERIOUS. I remember when I arrived, it was -30 Celsius. You probably need an extremely thick jacket and at least 2 layers inside your body. Boots are a must. No sport shoes, as it would kill you (hahaha).

During my time in University of Minnesota, I met many new friends from around the world. This definitely helped me to strengthen my social network with meeting new friends from different nations; vibe with them and learn more about their culture. Since coming back from U of M, I have been Europe to meet my best friends that I met on exchange.

Studying abroad is not only about acquiring knowledge, but also discovering a new culture. I have to say that I really recommend students to take this opportunity to engage in this program!

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