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Couldn’t be happier with Edinburgh Napier

Alicia – Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Semester 1, 2018
Bachelor of Design

When they say exchange will be the best experience of your life they aren’t lying. My time in Edinburgh was all that and more. Not only did I make great friends, but I got to eat my way all over Europe tasting different foods and experiencing new cultures.

Edinburgh Napier University is a small university with 3 different locations in Edinburgh. The university is quite laid back with classes being a combination of lectures and tutorials. Edinburgh is such a livable city with most things in walking distance. I decided to live off campus as it was more affordable and provided me with a more “local” experience. The suburb of Newington was a perfect location with everything from bars, clubs and restaurants all in walking distance. Arthur’s seat was right next door to my house and was a great place to unwind, reflect and see the city from a higher vantage point and is something I highly recommend doing. Edinburgh as a city is beautiful and rich in history and was the perfect place to go on exchange. You will never run out of things to while in Edinburgh. Hogmanay Celebrations -Whilst in Edinburgh I tried many forms of Haggis, took part in the Hogmanay celebrations went Ceilidh dancing and went sledding and picnicking through the meadows, however, what I enjoyed most was watching how people reacted to 14 degree heat (SUNBAKING!).

If I could recommend anything it would be to make the most of your time and travel as much as you can. Exchange provides the luxury of giving you the time to travel to where has cheap flights, so you don’t need a huge budget to be able to travel around, you just have to be strategic.  Because of this, I travelled to a number of countries that I didn’t even consider on going to before but ended up having the best time.

The six months I spent in Edinburgh has taught me so many things. The opportunity to live in another city and travel around both with friends as well as individually has taught me a lot about myself but most importantly has fulled a desire to travel and explore more in the future.

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