Hong Kong Exchange

I have been a local Hong Konger for almost 4 weeks now and have loved it the whole way. Although that is not to say there hasn’t been challenges as Hong Kong life is very different from Australia.

Most people in Hong Kong speak some english, especially the younger people. Although they don’t understand everything, you can at least get your point across when wanting to order food or buy something. It’s not really in the Hong Kong culture to have a big conversation with customers or randoms so don’t stress about not being able to communicate.

For those who like to party, night life here is super cheap. The drinks in the clubs are pretty expensive but its legal to drink alcohol on the streets and the 7/11 right next to the clubs stock cold alcohol. Most people just leave the club get a drink from 7/11 for about $3.50, drink it on the streets then head back in.

One of the funny things about Hong Kong is that they actually sell a lot of Australian stuff. At lots of restaurant they sell Australian steak and wine, also most of the milk sold here is Australian Devondale brand. I have even managed to find Tim-Tams and Arnott’s Shapes in the local supermarket.

Anyways stay tuned,

Jye Blanch

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