Experiencing university life at the Copenhagen Business School

I chose Copenhagen Business School (CBS) because I knew of two other students who had recently been on exchange there and had nothing but positive things to say about the university, city and people. I always wanted to go somewhere that was a little bit different and not the popular choices like London or somewhere in America. In the end CBS was my one and only choice for my application and I couldn’t have been happier with getting that choice. I had a vague idea of what Copenhagen would look like but was subsequently impressed when I arrived. It is notorious for being cloudy with rain frequently on the forecast, I was however lucky with it being sunny for the first couple weeks towards the end of their summer. This lead to every man, woman and dog being out and about riding their bikes all day, swimming in the lakes or going to the park or beach (yes, Copenhagen actually has a beach). The old gothic architecture took on a summery vibe and the coloured houses in Nyhavn looked extra vibrant. By now I started to realise why the Danes are consistently voted the happiest people in the world. Pic 1Pic 2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8

The first thing you have to do when arriving in Copenhagen is to invest in a good bike because that will be your vessel in which you live your life for the following months. We rode everywhere, whether going to into CBS (25mins), shops (15mins), other dorms (anywhere from 15-40mins), out for drinks (city 10mins, meat packing district 15mins). The initial investment pays off within a couple weeks as catching the metro sets you back $5 per trip and you’ll never have to catch a bus or get a taxi (don’t even know if they exist there…). Also fyi you don’t have to wear helmuts and there is no law against riding drunk, so it does provide funny/sobering rides home at night! On to the accommodation and where do I start with that, the place I was in and very lucky/fortunate to get into is called Tietgenkollgiet. It has been rated as one of the best student dorms in the world because of its architecture, facilities, events, clubs and students. This dorm is majority Danes (approx. 360) with only 40 exchange students. It makes it so much easy to integrate with Danish students as you are required to attend events, meetings and be involved in your kitchens routine/life. Each kitchen has prime facilities where there would be 10 Danish rooms and 2 exchange rooms joined. These people will become your family as you will cook, clean, eat, drink and party with them. All kitchens are decked out with big speakers and lights and all face to the centre circle of the dorm so come Saturday night it is easy to see which kitchen is throwing a party and where you should start you night at because these kitchen parties are open invite to Tietgen residents.

As for my studies I enrolled into electives for my minor so if I’m honest my workload was pretty light throughout the semester, which I had planned. But in saying that I did attend my classes and the facilities at CBS are world class. It is ranked as one of the best business schools in Europe and the way they teach is much different when compared to QUT. All the classes were in English but rather than have 1 lecture and 1 tute per week the classes are more run as a combination and require a lot of discussion and input from students. Also be prepared to have to do a lot of presentations that aren’t even marked for grades and have 100% final exams for all of your subjects. Generally speaking it is a much better way they teach as they keep it interesting with the discussions and are very engaging. Also the classes aren’t all run from start of semester to final exams, there are 3 class schedules; first half of semester, second half of semester or whole teaching semester.

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