Time to head abroad! Stellenbosch Uni, here we come!

Here at QUT, we like to help out. While scouring the WWW, we came across one of our university partners for exchange, Stellenbosch University. Here are three things we LOVE about Stellenbosch Uni:

  • Great student societies – we love that they have a student organisation that serves the needs of International students and organise social event for you to learn more about South Africa!
  • All about community engagement – you get to learn outside the classroom, applying everything you learn theoretically into practical work volunteering for the greater good in the society.
  • They have a botanical garden just like us!


Find out more on what you can study and the exchange program information here.

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  1. Hi!! Nice Post!! I´m looking to go on a exchange program, and South Africa is my top 1. What can you tell me about your experience ? How is campus? Is it safe? How are accommodations ? Do you need to share your room? Also, are there activities to do on your free time? Are there many internationals?
    Thanks and sorry for so many questions!!!

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