Mumbai – City of Festivals

Today marks the tenth week my partner and I have been living in Mumbai, India for our exchange at the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

During our time here we have enjoyed shopping our way through multitudes of bazaars and markets, sourcing different fabrics and beads from the hundreds of stores available, eating out basically every single night (food is incredibly cheap) and of course bonding with our new pals who have shown us the ropes of college life.

So college in India, how is it different to studying at QUT? I’ve noted down in a few dot points how it differs.

– Dorms. Yes these don’t exist just in American teen films they are rife around the world including in India.

– Workload. Here classes go from 9:30-6:00 Monday to Friday and sometimes even Saturday’s, so the workload is quite intense when being compared to my QUT timetable.

– Festivals. India is renowned for their festivals and it seems that at least every fortnight we are here there is another festival, which is amazing of course. There was the kite festival, spectrum, Kala Ghoda’s art festival and soon the Holi festival where the whole country throws coloured powder at each other. Think of it as a national colour run.

Whilst studying abroad can be stressful at times due to living outside the norm it is worth it as nothing can replace the exploration of an entirely different way of life that still completely fascinates me.

Here are a few shots from my exchange in India so far.

India1 India2 India3 India21 India20 India18 India17 India13 India16 India14 India12 India10 India9 India8 India4 India7


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