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An English countryside experience

England is not a cheap place. The cost of food is almost the same as in Brisbane except instead of paying 8 dollars for a burger you’re paying 8 pounds. Always try and do a weekly shop to keep the price of food down. All up I was away from home for 7 months. I saved 9 thousand dollars and also had fortnightly centrelink payments. This was plenty! I was lucky enough to travel a lot while being away and it got me through that time period, although I still gave myself a weekly budget to ensure I got to do as much as possible. I had two types of payment methods. I made sure I had a credit card incase of any emergencies and I also had a Commonwealth Bank travel card, which acted like a savings/debt card. I had no issues with either of those.

England isn’t known for its sunshine so make sure you always pack an umbrella. I’d also look into credit cards, as they are an easy way to pay for things online eg. Flights for a weekend getaway! Make sure you also invest in travel insurance, better to have it than to not.

I would highly and wholeheartedly recommend student exchange to anyone and everyone. It’s not about what it does for you academically but more so how it helps you change and develop as a person. I have always said travel makes you a better person. It helps you see the world differently, teaching you tolerance, acceptance and allowing you to put yourself out there and connect with new and exciting people. It also helps with organisational skills and management both of which are great things to learn before entering the work force.

I have only been home for 5 days and already I know I will look back on my exchange experience and think it was one of the best things I ever did. Bath Spa University is a perfect choice if you want to have an English countryside experience. The location is amazing and the people of Bath are lovely and always willing to help if need be. While on exchange I got to visit some amazing places in and around the UK and Europe but it’s the amazing friends that I made at my time at BSU that made it what it was. I know I will stay in contact with these people for many years to come. If you are thinking of going on exchange do it, you won’t regret it.

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