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The rolling green fields of Bath Spa University

On the evening of the 28/12/14 I flew to England for what became one of the best experiences of my life. I was lucky enough to gain a position at Bath Spa University, which is located in Bath, situated in the Somerset district of England. Bath Spa excited me because it was close enough to London (1.5 hours by train) and also Bristol (20 minutes by train) however Bath itself was very much a large country town surrounded by rolling green hills and charming old cottages. Bath is a Roman city and has been heritage listed. It’s a beautiful place to explore and has just the right amount of excitement without feeling like you are in the big city.

The Bath Spa Campus is still one of my favourite places to date. Surrounding the buildings are lush green fields with cows and sheep and a lake and river run alongside the campus, there is even their very own castle! I always felt blown away by its natural beauty and history.

I opted to live on campus and I would highly recommend it despite the difference in cost to home stay. I lived in a building, which provided en-suite living. It was only a touch more expensive than the accommodation providing shared bathrooms and I’m glad I paid it! My room was lovely and big, with large windows and a decent sized cupboard. I liked that I had the extra privacy due to having my own bathroom. The room came with a single bed, desk and 2 chairs. I had to provide my own linen, towels ect. I shared the kitchen with 10 other students. We all had our own areas and cupboards. I also purchased my own kitchen utensils and did my own weekly grocery shop.

At QUT I study media and communications. I decided I’d enroll in an exchange minor so I had more flexibility regarding subjects and institutions. While at BSU I completed copywriting and text editing, professional writing and stardom and celebrity. I found that the workload at BSU was nothing compared to QUT. Bath Spa was much more relaxed. Bath Spa University is known for creativity, students are able to study creative writing, dance, drama and musical theatre just to name a few. It also has a strong learning disability program.

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