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Advice for those Arizona-bound!

The biggest problem I faced with Arizona State University was registering for classes at the very beginning. As the process of being accepted as an exchange student into ASU took a very long time, I was not able to enrol into the classes I wanted originally as by the time I was allowed to do so, most classes were full and I had to find alternatives. Students did not have the possibility of listening to lectures online for my classes; therefore most classes were full to capacity. The biggest upset was the fact I was not able to study a management class I planned on studying to get credit for BSB115 over here. However this problem could not be avoided and hopefully future students don’t have to suffer the same problem.

I would have liked to know the length of the process of being accepted as an ASU student before I left, so I could have communicated prior to coming with my professors in order to see if they could reserve a spot for me. The advice I would give to future exchange students is that they should have backup courses that they want to study if their intended courses fall through. It would save a lot of time and hassle by doing so. However the exchange department on QUT’s end was very helpful during the time I was changing my study plan, and without them it would have been a lot more stressful and complicated.

I would also advise future students to socialise as much as they can outside the exchange student’s circle as possible in order to meet actual students from that country/college. I spent little time with other members of the exchange group at ASU because I wanted to make friends with actual ASU students as I believed I would be able to experience the American culture to a greater extent with them than by sticking with other international students.  I believe that this was really effective and easily the best decision to make, as I have made life-long friends who were able to show me the side of American culture I was looking to experience, and I believe I could not have done that had I not socialised outside the exchange circle.

My exchange experience in the USA was the best 6 months of my life so far, and I strongly encourage anyone to take part in an exchange program because it really is an invaluable experience and the chance to experience another culture is amazing.


  1. Awesome Feedback – Do you reckon the best way to meet the local Americans is to join the sports clubs and societies?

    • QUT Global Reply

      Hey Jack, there is definitely many more other ways to meet local Americans but I reckon getting involved in your exchange Uni is the easiet way to meet them.

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