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What to expect in Taiwan : Cultures & household practices



Most Taiwanese goes to a temple to pray, be it Buddhist or Taoist despite other minority religion. When I was there, I had the chance to go to a Temple Fair, where people from one temple would go to another temple to perform rituals, it was a big event, and we travelled from North of Taiwan which is Taipei to the extreme South of Taiwan. The event lasted for two days one night. It was quite an experience as it was something new to me.

Household Practices

Fortunately, I had applied to go to National Chengchi University with another mate also studying at QUT. We both rented an apartment near the Uni and I remembered clearly when I moved into the apartment, if we had trash, there was a specific room to throw rubbish at. I quickly realised that they were very environmentally friendly, they had their garbage split into different kinds, this was very seldom seen in Singapore and for Australia, we do have it, but it seemed that Taiwan was more precise in doing such.

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