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What to expect in Taiwan : Language and Lectures

There was a country that I had always had in mind to stay for a few months, and that country was Taiwan, and it happened to be one of the countries under the list that QUT has partnership with. I have been to Taiwan before, but it was only for a week, and I did not get the opportunity to learn the culture and practices of Taiwan completely in such a short period of time. I wanted to go back there. National Chengchi University is named as one of the top three universities in Taiwan and it was well known for its Business faculty.So, I chose this university for my exchange program.


When I reached Taiwan, I needed a little bit of time to adapt as everyone was either speaking in mandarin or some in their native languages. Although I was capable of conversing in Mandarin, but I was not as fluent.


When going for lectures, I realized that their classes we different from QUT, while in QUT most subjects would be lectures followed by tutorial on each subject. But for NCCU, they did not have lectures and tutorials split. Both were being held in one lesson. And, for most subjects in QUT, lectures would comprise of more than 100 students depending on each individual subject, but for NCCU, each class would only comprise of about 50 or less students, which was something new to me as I was already used to having lectures and tutorials separately. The campus at NCCU was quite big as compared to QUT.

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