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An Electrifying Experience in Germany : The Before

Before I even started my Electrical Engineering degree at QUT, I had my mind set on studying abroad in Germany. This decision was primarily motivated by the following factors:

  • I wanted to live in a location which was central to many other European countries, so that I would be able to travel as I studied.
  • I wanted to receive an exposure to new cultures, become independent, have fun, etc!
  • I wanted to experience life and study in a new language (I had been learning German).
  • Germany is a world leader on the engineering front and provides a high quality of tertiary education in this field.
  • Germany is one of the few countries in the world which have made a significant investment in renewable energies; an area which I want to pursue in my career.
  • I have a general interest in German culture and history.

As the German university semesters don’t line up with Australia, I took the opportunity to travel around Europe for the first few months of the year. I backpacked with some friends to 10+ countries in Europe, where I got to see and explore world-renowned sites and experience cultures which both shocked and thrilled me. Although I was told that it is more pleasant to travel Europe in summer, I’m quite pleased that I got to brave the harsh European winter; as the sites, atmosphere and temperature are aspects I’ll never experience in Australia. It also meant that I could travel cheaper and more spontaneously, due to it being low season.

Then came my exchange. At the beginning of March I moved into my dorm in the small German city, Paderborn.

Jonathan Petrie, University of Paderborn

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