Abroad and Alone for a 7 Month Adventure

Abroad and Alone for a 7 Month Adventure


The notion of dropping everything in my last year of university and travelling abroad for a 7 month exchange stemmed from the many great experiences I’ve heard from fellow exchange participants, and so far my decision has not disappointed me.

Eat, Sleep, Travel… and sometimes study… has been the recurring theme for the past 6 months where my trip started with a gruelling 8.5 hour flight to Taiwan and Japan then a further 13.5 hour flight to Germany. Over these past 6 months I have notched 9 countries under my belt, made friends from around the world, delved into numerous cultural experiences and learnt a new language (and improved on old ones)!

As my adventure draws to a close (and exams start ): ) a nostalgic and triumphant feeling dwells as I look back on things I’ve never guessed I would have done and have done in the short span of 6 months.

My name is Anthony, a final year studying a Bachelor of Business Majoring in Accountancy and here are my experiences for the 6 months (December 2014 – May 2015) and how they have changed me as an individual.

Before My Exchange (Pre-departure)

Everyone who has been through the application process knows that it can be very long and tedious! But I’m here to tell you it’s well worth it and QUT provides ample resources/personal to assist in your application. The only difficult considerations were, where I wanted to go, why I wanted to go and

December (Taiwan and Japan)

Before my exchange semester started I took advantage of my international transfer to do a side trip to Asia, namely Taiwan and Japan, to visit family and enjoy a vacation with my partner before leaving her for 6 months.

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