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London Calling

Hi there, my name is Sarah and I’m a third year Creative Industries (Art and Design History) and Business student currently three months into my exchange at Regent’s University London. If you can’t tell from the following I’m obsessed with food and art, making London an absolute dream.

I thought I’d start my illustrious blogging career by trying something a little different and attempting to encapsulate my exchange experience so far in poem (if you could call it that). I promise some more detailed posts will be coming your way but I wanted to set the tone and give everyone an idea of my relationship with the ever-charming city of London.

London O London
A poem by Sarah Thomson
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London O London
You’re transport is so efficient
But curse you Oyster (card)
You robbed me

Charming Bethnal Green
My home away from home
Gentleman’s club on the corner
Organic veggies across the road


Night bus in the wee hours
It feels like rush hour
Monday is no excuse
Does this count as performance art?


Walks along the canal
Getting lost just for fun
Flower Markets and vintage shops
Gasworks silhouetted


Squirrels in the park
Aggressive swans
Daffodils pop up wherever they please
There’s a pug on the tube (!)


Vinegar on my chips
Mayo AND tomato sauce
Because why not have both
Allgood st.

The rich are stinking rich
The poor are really poor
Bankers drive Porches
Most people take the bus

People get by
As well as they can
We all try together
To pay our exorbitant rent


Marble floors and bronze busts
So much history in one place
You stole those Greek sculptures
You sneaky poms 😉


More galleries than you could
Poke a black turtleneck at
Pristine palaces
“I’ve only seen that in books”


Tate Modern is cool
Tate Britain is better
Saatchi is flashy
A kayak slides across the floor.


The Barbican
Oxford Street rush
Notting Hill
Borough Market treats

IMG_9285Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Keep left on the road
Keep right on the stairs
Don’t worry about road rules

They found a plague burial pit
Next to the tube station
There’s one under a supermarket too
You’re full of surprises

Brick Lane

Cereal at 5pm
God I’m so full.
Is that an Oreo cake?
I can fit it in.



Warehouse gig in Hackney
Comedy in Camden
Films at the Barbican
Marylebone high street


Borris bike in Hyde Park
Roses at Regent’s
Pretty pastel houses in a row
You never slow down


I know I sound mean
But you are your own breed of lovely
Grimy old London
How I love thee

(This is all in good fun, please don’t critique my technique. Creative writing students I’m looking at you.)

Stay tuned for more…

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