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Pizza can take you anywhere …

‘An internship is key to a successful graduate job’ ‘you need to have experience to be able to get a job after graduation’ ’employers will take someone with experience over someone with just a degree’ – these statements all university students in the final years of their degree know all too well. After spending a year saving for and then six months completing an exchange program last year I arrived back in Australia in my final university year and knew it was time to get some experience, or the above statements would become my reality.

Domino’s Pizza Mogul‘s Challenge was the first exciting ‘experience gaining’ challenge I had seen on campus for a while and I thought this is my chance to gain some real-world experience and hopefully score myself an internship. After attending the information session and realising this challenge not only offered experience but added a salary too, I knew I was going to commit wholeheartedly and leave nothing to chance. Fortunately, my efforts paid off and I will start my internship in next week with the marketing team at Domino’s Pizza Mogul.

Seeing the number of people in the information session I knew I had some solid competitors in the game and wanted to make sure I stood out and got an early lead. I tried to fall back on all that I had learnt in my university classes and come up with something that would ‘knock the socks off’ the judges, but also could be created relatively quickly to give myself the most possible time to develop my brand. #occasions was the brand concept I went with because I felt it epitomised the whole Mogul concept, and I could get creative with the pizza names and recipes. With my brand concept set I went ahead and cracked on with the challenge, which was where the fun began. I created my first pizzas and started happy snapping as much pizza as possible to give me some foundation in my mogul branding. The hardest part in the challenge was developing a brand look that I felt reflected #occasions, I developed and altered 5 different logos throughout the first 2 weeks until I found one that hit the mark. I used social media, through a range of platforms to establish myself and get #occasions out there. I also leveraged the networks I had available, such as my old school, to promote and sell.

Using social media to develop and maintain a brand presence is key in business today. My mogul challenge enlightened me to just how hard it is to convert ‘likes’ to sales and interest to customer commitment. Given Pizza Mogul predominantly exists through social media, this lesson was an important one to learn and take into my upcoming internship and further into my career as that is the direction the world is moving in. Competitions and constant engagement was the most effective way I found to convert interested parties into customers, it also helped build hype around my brand and what I was doing.

The challenge was very rewarding for me personally, it helped build my confidence in knowing I am doing what I want to be doing but also that I have the skills to succeed in the industry. Now my internship is just days away I am excited about the beginning of a long marketing journey for myself. The experience and competition created with the mogul challenge was an enjoyable way to attain an internship and I appreciated the ability to prove my skills before cracking into the beginning of my career. While an internship can be hard to lock down, it is a very rewarding feeling once you succeed in achieving one.


Bachelor of Business (Marketing) / Bachelor of Media and Communications


  1. I’m interested in the competition. But I have never made any pizza.

    • Hi Jingyi,

      That’s ok! Come along to the information session on Wednesday to find out more! 3pm, Gibson Room, Level 10 in Z Block 🙂

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