Recently Published: “Who Leaves Suicide Notes? An Exploration of Victim Characteristics and Suicide Method of Completed Suicides in Queensland”

                                       Brisbane on December 04, 2012.Who Leaves Suicide Notes? An Exploration of Victim Characteristics and Suicide Method of Completed Suicides in Queensland

Professor Belinda Carpenter from the Crime and Justice Research Centre, along with co-authors Christine Bond (Griffith University), Gordon Tait (QUT), Moira Wilson and Kris White, have recently published an article in Archives of Suicide Research. Read more

Recently Published: “Constructing the ideal victim in the United States of America’s annual trafficking in persons reports”

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PhD candidate Michael Wilson and Dr Erin O’Brien from the School of Justice, Faculty of Law, have recently co-authored an article published in the interdisciplinary journal Crime, Law and Social Change. Read more

Recently Published: “The ACA effect: Examining how current affairs programs shape victim understandings and responses to online fraud”

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Dr Cassandra Cross and Dr Kelly Richards, both researchers in the Crime and Justice Research Centre, recently published an article in a special issue of Current Issues In Criminal Justice, guest edited by Dr Alyce McGovern of the University of New South Wales. The special edition, which focused on crime, media and new technologies, features a number of established and emerging scholars from Australia and abroad. Read more

Latest Issue of the British Journal of Criminology Available Now with Featured Article by CJRC Members

British Journal of Criminology

The latest issue of the British Journal of Criminology has just been published with the featured article “Southern Criminology” by the CJRC’s Professor Kerry Carrington, Professor Russell Hogg and Adjunct Professor Máximo Sozzo. 

This issue also includes a book review of “Sex, Love and Abuse: Discourses on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault” by the CJRC’s Associate Professor Sharon Hayes.

To view the articles in this issue, click here. 

Recently Published: Seniors’ Attitudes Towards Identity Crime


Dr Cassandra Cross has recently had her article ‘But I’ve never sent them any personal details apart from my driver’s licence number …’: Exploring seniors’ attitudes towards identity crime published in the Security Journal.


Identity crime is argued to be one of the most significant crime problems of today. This article examines identity crime, through the attitudes and practices of a group of seniors in Queensland, Australia. It examines their own actions towards the protection of their personal data in response to a fraudulent email request. Applying the concept of a prudential citizen (as one who is responsible for self-regulating their behaviour to maintain the integrity of one’s identity) it will be argued that seniors often expose identity information through their actions. However, this is demonstrated to be the result of flawed assumptions and misguided beliefs over the perceived risk and likelihood of identity crime, rather than a deliberate act. This article concludes that to protect seniors from identity crime, greater awareness of appropriate risk-management strategies towards disclosure of their personal details is required to reduce their inadvertent exposure to identity crime.

The article can be accessed here.

Recently Published — “Suicide, statistics and the coroner: A comparative study of death investigations”

8018b6deac06f99a5548700ce4877253-bpfull   Brisbane on December 04, 2012.   

QUT’s Associate Professor Gordon Tait and Professor Belinda Carpenter have recently had their article “Suicide, statistics and the coroner: A comparative study of death investigations” published in the latest edition of the Journal of Sociology.  Read more

Recently Published – “The Cairns abortion trial: Language, deviance and the ‘spoiled identity’.”

Brodie Evans    erin 2

PhD candidate Brodie Evans and Senior Lecturer Dr Erin O’Brien from the School of the Justice at QUT have recently published an article in the Journal of Sociology titled “The Cairns abortion trial: Language, deviance and the ‘spoiled identity’.”

Abstract: In 2009 a couple in Cairns were charged, and later found not guilty, of illegally obtaining a medical abortion through the use of medication imported from overseas. The court case reignited the discussions surrounding the illegality and social acceptance of abortion in Queensland, Australia. Based on a discourse analysis of 150 online news media articles covering the Cairns trial, this article critically examines the language and key words relied upon by media when covering the Cairns trial. It argues that, despite popular support for the decriminalisation of abortion, emotive language that aligns with a pro-life ideology is still being employed which has the power to shape perceptions of deviance and stigma surrounding abortion. This is useful to demonstrate how media discourse surrounding abortion needs to further align with a pro-choice ideology for women to be empowered for their choices.

To read the full article, click here.