Global Volunteer to Thailand.

I have undertaken different volunteering programs over the past few years, mostly something local in my home country, Indonesia. I’ve been teaching voluntarily in the capital city down in the rural areas, building a better community at villages, guiding less fortunate children through motivating activities and programs, and so forth. It has always been a thrill to do so, to be a part of a change even so little. After all those years, at the beginning of 2018 I thought to myself “this is my last year of campus. I’m not going to have a long  holiday anymore for at least several years- I gotta work. My time won’t be enough for something crazy, something that I really want to spend a whole month.” At that point, I decided to plan for my winter June-July holiday. I decided to join a global volunteer program where I was  to teach English in a rural area in Thailand [I strongly believe education is the main key to global economy]. Families from home would ask why not something local again, something for my country? It was because of the idea of ASEAN is really good to me, also the amount of exploration I could do. I want to widen my horizon by engaging with a new community. I decided to use my own money for plane tickets, for my time there. I decided to go and explore. It had to be at that moment.

The program included a two-day training on how to communicate with the locals, their culture, how to create teaching content, all the basic stuff. After, it was a six-week teaching program where I work along the teachers independently. The program was properly managed, where the volunteers were facilitated with enough needs. I was placed in Banhindad School, Mae Wong District in Thailand. It was five hours by van from Bangkok, going northwest near the Myanmar border.

If you ask me “How it was?” It was like home. Where I think I may have learnt more than they learned from me. Teaching wasn’t easy for sure. Imagine when you were young at school; children tend to be reckless, which is quite normal. However dealing with it, and actually turning things around, is the real challenge. I was placed to teach primary four and six, along with secondary junior to senior.  I was lucky to have angelic students for primary four, but imagine teaching those other teenagers- They could be demon at some points, LOL. However I have always tried to teach the class in more interesting ways like doing camp energizers in English language or anything else to make them more familiar with the language. I ended up feeling like one of them, and we got very close to each other. It was the best thing when I felt like one of their family. They’re like my brothers and sisters. Creating the teaching content was the best challenge for me, especially with the handbook they had given me and the actual English skill the children had, I had to ensure the contents were learnt well by the children. Also, the difficult part is to understand their psychological behavior; how to appropriately apply educational content at their particular age. It was really interesting and of course a growth experiment for myself too. I ended up befriending  hundred of students on my Facebook and it has been a month, we are still talking like it was yesterday.

Children meditating after lunch

When they treated me like a princess….

Oomlai, Oomlek, Paad. My loves.

Volleyball hang everyday

My bois

Hallway hangs

Fia and her bodyguards, Ti and Paad

Thai kids clean up after a long day.

Ice and Yung photoshoot.

Tan with his bubbles.

Tan with his bubbles.

Tan. Primary one and real hard to handle up until he eventually became the sweetest person at the end of the day.

Bia, captain of football team.

Sports Day Spirit

Sports Day Spirit

Sport bois with their Thailand Flag

No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol theme parade. Tae in the picture.

No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol theme parade. Tae in the picture.

Sports day parade, in which they won- recycle theme.

Sports day parade, in which they won- recycle theme.

Sports day parade, in which they won- recycle theme.

Sports day parade, in which they won- recycle theme.

The cheerleaders for sport day.

The cheerleaders for sport day.

After school situation everyday; seniors are supposed to take care of their juniors, to line them up and prepare them to go home.

His name is Gut and he likes to play game with me when it comes to taking pictures of him.

View from the school.

Nicholas and his mom.

Free timers.

Class situation.

Jame and Face, the posers for camera.

Live free on the hallway. From left: Khan, Ice, Cha, Tae

The reckless but gentlemen- Ice, Yung, Face

My angels; Katunjai, Stang

One of the teachers who live in Lat Yao; Teacher Payon

Asians do it well; HOTPOT. A celebration for their win on Sports Day.

The secondary seniors. My lovely pain in the ass. They were my day ones.
From left: Fern, Ying, Ice, Jame, Eit, Face

The six graders, from the left: Nut, Kao, Bat, Fim, Ti, Liu [cute nicknames, huh?]

Of course I took a lot more of pictures, and the chosen ones are on flickr.

While a Facebook link to the full pictures of those kiddos I met.

Video, coming up soon :]




Graduation for International Students: The Workshop

Yeay! Some of us are graduating!

QUT provided the international graduating students with a workshop on the last week of September 2018. For those of you who missed it, here are some information provided in the two-hour session. It’s so simple!

  • You can view your graduation details on HiQ > Study Tab > Graduation where the website provided steps to follow for graduation registration, dates, official documents and qualifications, information for international students and others. [did you know that your family and friends can live stream your graduation if they can’t make it? The option’s also in the tab!]
  • Check your eligibility. Visit your faculty to confirm you are on track to graduate, clear all sanctions, advanced standing should have been applied, correct majors, cross institutional credit should have also been applied- make sure you are potentially complete!
  • Update all personal details online before 30 November 2018. Just go to Personal Profile where you can update your name, mailing address, external/ personal email, phone number in your country. Make sure your details are right, particularly your name- it’s going to be printed that way!
  • Ceremony registration will be open on November 19 to December 5 2018.
  • Graduation invitation for Visa for family members. You can email ASKQUT for this. Include in your email: who the letter is required for, the country where they are traveling from, and travel dates.
  • Collection of parchments, to be collected after December 18 2018. This is the legal document you get after graduation.
    o Third Party Authorisation [TPA] form must be submitted online or at HiQ on campus, if needed.
    o Email ASKQUT before December 5 2018 asking for collection by nominated person listed on TPA form [only if needed]. When third person comes to collect, nominated person must bring a photo ID
    o Parchment should be verified; can be done at the ceremony or at HiQ after the ceremony. It is free of charge. This is needed for visa and immigration purposes.
  • On the day of graduation, arrive early; two hours before ceremony. The graduation gown is an open one, make sure you wear a nice outfit!
  • If you are studying on a student visa, it is important that you:
    o Make sure your address details are correct in HiQ
    o Check your passport and visa label [if applicable] or e-visa print out to review visa’s expiry date OR check the Visa Entitlement Verification Online [VEVO system in the Dept of Home Affairs (DHA) website]. If required, apply for a new visa before your current visa expires.

Further information? Go to QUT HiQ.

Student Round Up

QUT 5-star Good University success

QUT’s rankings in the Good University Guide 2019 for the categories of ‘Overall experience,’ ‘Learning resources’ and ‘Student support’ outstrip those of other universities.
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Love working with kids? Study education at QUT

Meet QUT Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) graduate Jenny, an international student from China who is now working as a full-time teacher at a Queensland primary school.
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Changes to Blue Card requirements for education students

If you are considering a Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching at QUT, you are now permitted to lodge your blue card application upon commencement of your studies at QUT. In the past this was required when you accepted your offer.
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Other Important Updates

Study Abroad: the Good, Bad or So-so? (Part 2)

Part 2: The Bright Side

Well, I did not expect my second part would take that long to come up with (interrupted by my assignments haha) but yeah, here I go again!

Hi guys, it’s Ha and this is the second chapter of my student life in Brisbane. This part will be all about the fun stuff I’m doing as an international student and what I really enjoy.

Brisbane International Student Ambassador/Volunteering

These are some of the best experiences I’ve had so far. As an ambassador, what we do is to get access to heaps of fun events and festivals around Brisbane, do volunteering and share our journey with the students around the world.

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors Appointment Ceremony

Gen[in] Hackathon – Solving Student Issues

Lord Mayor’s Friendship Ceremony

Myriad 2018

Luminous Lantern Parade

Bris Fes 2018

Brisbane is an energetic young city with many events and festivals happening all year around. My advice for freshmen? Never underestimate any opportunities.

Sunny Days

Who don’t love a sunny day? 

Chilling by the river

The beautiful Queensland is called the Sunshine State for a reason. The weather in Brisbane is definitely one of the nicest things. I used to live for 18 years in Hanoi, where the winter is very cold, and was familiar with it. However, since coming to Brisbane, I have become a tropical person who cannot stand the coldness or even the wind blowing for just a second.

Near my house

Way to uni


Easy access to travelling around is one of my favourite things in Queensland. By plane, train, bus, bike or on foot, everything is possible here.

On a train

Famous with beautiful beaches and pristine islands, Queensland is the best place for students to go around only with a limited budget to capture their moments and enjoy themselves after busy weeks studying.

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Sunrise in North Straddie Island

It can be just a one-day trip to Gold Coast, a two-day trip to North Stradbroke Island or even a one-week vacation to Cairns – the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef during the midterm break.


It would be a lie if I say everyone here is always welcoming and make you feel at home. It’s never been easy for international students to adapt to a new environment and start their adventure with all the barriers in the culture and language.

However, what I love about Brisbane is how it makes that process become easier by offering the cultural diversity and allowing you to meet many amazing people from different backgrounds who are all willing to support and connect with you.

We are all from different countries

Celebrating multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is so wonderful that can bring you lots of benefits as long as you believe in your own cultural values and respect others’ differences.

So, this is the very second part of my journey as a QUTie. Can’t wait to share my upcoming adventure with you guys soon (fingers crossed for my coming deadlines 😂).

See y’all in my next blog post!

QUT Surfers: One of the best clubs at QUT!

After recently returning from my third surfing weekend trip in Byron Bay organised by QUT surfers, I can confidently say that the QUT Surfers club is my favorite club at QUT! If you haven’t heard, QUT Surfers is a relatively new club at QUT that aims to bring together both new and advanced surfers, organize weekend or day surfing trips and lessons, or just to socialize, chill at the beach and meet other cool people. No prior surfing experience is required to join the club so it is a great way to get out there and learn from the best. If being in the water isn’t your thing, the club is still a fantastic way to meet really cool people.

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Australia’s hidden destination: Tasmania

I’ve been in Australia for 2 years now, and I’ve travelled to the main states such as Victoria and Sydney. During the semester break, I had the opportunity to visit Australia’s hidden destination – Tasmania. Also known as “Tassie”, it is located south of the Australian mainland.

I personally think it’s an underrated state but one thing is for sure, its a very intimate place, but so beautiful. Why is it you ask? Here’s some reasons why!

  1. Beautiful Scenery
  • Tasmania is surrounded by so much nature, you’ll fall in love looking at it every single day!

      2. Snow

  • There’s no snow in Queensland, so I thought it was pretty amazing! I went to visit Mt. Wellington and Mt. Field – Who said paradise had to be tropical? This was one for the books!


The list will go on if I continue to write but I always like to tell people that to see, is to believe! Going to Tasmania in real life is such an amazing experience, and I’m sure it will be for you too!

One more thing, make sure to take some boots with you! Going up the mountain would be hard without them 🙂








Straddie Story

The prominent getaway destination for Brisbane people; North Stradbroke. One of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen is on this huge island. Although I only had the chance to explore the northern coast of this island, it already gave me the best view. Queensland really does offer you irreplaceable moments in life.

It’s amazingly sooo easy to go to this paradise from Brisbane. Just take the train to Cleveland (an hour more less train ride), and go to the pier to take the ferry. Everything is on google and this official website . They have student prices for the ferry too 😀 and within the island they have shuttle buses that take you here and there.

The video might explain well how the island is really good for a day or even two days getaway; however you like it. I’m actually planning on going camping there before I graduate uni. Whoever is keen feel free to comment down below :]

Watch the Stradbroke video


Road trip down south

Cedar Creek Falls in the Mount Tamborine area

We hired an eight seater van and just spent the day road tripping down south. We wanted to trek but time wasn’t enough to bring us to Springbrook National Park, so we decided to go here instead, where the track was very easy.

We spent an hour or two just laying around watching the calming view. People were swimming but it wasn’t too crowded. It was a bliss surrounded by nature and silence, running away from the busy Brisbane CBD. Check out the video to see how the day turned out and see the images on flickr to see my skills on the analog camera Canon AE capturing the day 😀

Student Round Up August 2018

Celebrate QUT Discipline Strengths

It was pleasing to see the strong performance of QUT in the recent Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) 2018.
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QUT International High School day – Monday 22 October

We welcome all international high school students who are currently studying Year 11 or 12 here in Australia.
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Faculty Merit Scholarships now Available for Year 12 International Students in Australia

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Meet Minh Ha, our Student Blogger from Vietnam

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Other Important Updates

Now boarding to every corner of the world…

As global citizens, an indispensable part of our life-journey is the universal experience which comes along with the excitement of exploring and being exposed to the world. Study Abroad/Exchange Programs offer a suite of benefits and outcomes for students interested in exploring the world beyond their tabloids and boundaries to embark on an international adventure. Being an exchange student has been one of the prestigious rewarding opportunities that you will have the good fortune of experiencing.

As a university for the real world, QUT puts a premium on learning overseas. Thus, QUT International Student Mobility offers a wide range of programmes including Semester Exchange Programmes, Short Term Programmes, Study Tours, Work Integrated Learning Programmes, Research Internships, etc.

Being an engineering student, I will be able to expand and branch out my academic knowledge in various academic disciplines. These programmes offer a significant opportunity to gain practical experiences and expose yourself to real-world applications. These programmes nourish your previous academic knowledge and support your degree at QUT.

Going on an exchange to a different country cultivates a sense of wonder and curiosity to explore the new environment. It would be an enlivening opportunity to meet and build social networks with the people from around the world. Accompanying a new geographical location, you will be gifted with unforgettable experiences, life-long friends and a wealth of learning about the world around yourself.

As a QUT Exchange, you will be able to

  • improve personal flexibility, encompassing an ability to reach compromise, focus and succeed through challenging times.
  • expand awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • enhance your interest in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge with cross-cultural understanding.

Thanks to QUT International Student Mobility, I was privileged to go global on several exchange programmes including South Korea, Germany, Japan, etc. I highly encourage you to apply for these amazing exchange programmes on QUT Global portal and get yourself on a flight to somewhere you dreamt of.