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The Hidden Lanes Festival – Fortitude Valley

Last Saturday, I went to Fortitude Valley with my friend. We were there to participate in the Hidden Lanes Festival.

Before I went to the Hidden Lanes Festival, I was unsure about ‘the Valley’. Some of you may know that the Valley has a China town section, in addition to along with many late-night activities and clubs. It wasn’t a place that I had really spent much time in. However, after I went deeper to explore the lanes around Fortitude Valley, I totally fell in love with this place.

If you are a coffee drinker, you definitely don’t want to miss this place. There are lots of ‘cafés’ around the Valley, and they are all chill and special. Besides, there are many special art studios hidden in the lanes, and they make the place full of the art atmosphere.

On the day of the Hidden Lanes Festival, the lanes are decorated, and there are various kinds of stalls. Some of them are selling their own artwork, while others are selling crafts and environment friendly items. This made the stalls and the festival really meaningful for me. After the festival, I saw the other side of the Valley. This is not a place only for night clubbers, it could be a place for those who are passionate for arts, coffee, and even those who want to enjoy a relaxed day.

I made this video for you, please watch it!


Yu Ni (Sammy) comes from Taiwan. She is currently studying in Diploma of business, and she wishes to accomplish her dream of working in a public relations department. Sammy has various interests, such as watching YouTube, filming videos, travelling and especially making friends from different cultural backgrounds. Music is an important part of Sammy's life. As a Digital Ambassador in QUT, Sammy wishes to share her own experience with others all over the world and provide information to those who want to get to know more about Brisbane. Hope you will enjoy her story in QUT and Brisbane.

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