Workshop 2: Hitting the Bulls Eye – All About Measurement

We all know the importance of accurate measurement – no one wants their curry to be a phaal when they ordered a korma. Good measurement depends on good technique as well as accurate and precise equipment, check out this video to see why. In this workshop we worked in pairs to investigate the accuracy and precision of different types of lab equipment, including equipment like micro-pipettes. We then calculated how accurate and precise we could be with this equipment.

After this workshop would your measuring skills be up to making the perfect brownie? Have a look at this video to see how it’s done.

This workshop was good for:
• Understanding the difference between accuracy and precision
• Analysing which equipment we’d use to measure different volumes
• Practising how to pipette accurately
• Discussing sources of error and how to minimise their affect
• Calculating standard deviation, accuracy and precision

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