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Different types of journal articles

An awareness of different types of journal articles and their purposes can help you identify and locate articles that are relevant to a particular purpose (e.g. research for an assignment). It may also be useful when you need to explain the purpose or rationale of an article that you have read (e.g. when writing an annotated bibliography or literature review).

Here is a useful summary of the different types of articles that may be published in academic peer-reviewed journals.

Making flashcards with Quizlet

Making flashcards is a great way to learn new terms and definitions. In the past, this meant buying some pieces of card, writing a term on one side and a definition on the other. Quizlet brings this process online and allows you to take your cards anywhere on your device. An added bonus is that it also has a range of games and quizzes to test your knowledge. You do have to create an account but it’s free!

Start making your Quizlet flashcards now or learn more about it in the following video.


Using collocations

Collocations are words that are often found together. When combined, these words have a specific meaning. Sometimes the meaning is clear but often collocations have a unique meaning that people naturally learn as they use a language. For example, run on is a collocation which means ‘to continue’.

Visit Learning Collocations to learn more about which words go together. You can input a word and the site produces a list of English collocations. You can also specify the word form (noun, verb, adverb etc) and ask for a list of synonyms and antonyms.

screen capture of the learning collocations website