Hi there everyone!

Kitchen Lab take-home kits are ready to roll (or pick-up). Some may have picked them up already! If you have registered for a kit and have asked for a campus to pick it up from, rest assured they are there. You will have been emailed with where to pick-up your kit from and with what time, or you will have requested when from us.

We have started a Padlet with all the information about the take away kits, including the MSDS safety sheets for each substance given, and what all the equipment is, just in case you’ve never seen it or used it before. We’ll include lab notes and Articulate rise modules, as well as a way to get in touch with Christine, Josh and Rhiannon in case you want to contact us for questions or just a chat (see Padlet link above).

We’ll be setting up some online and in person sessions to help out with the kits as well, so stay tuned.

And just for your benefit, here’s some pictures to see how the kits came together and the chaos our small office became. Have fun in your kitchen lab!

P.S. – We have started an Instagram account for Kitchen Lab! If you take some good photos of your experiments, or want us to put up some photos, feel free to tag or contact us!

Instagram: @kitchenlabscience

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