Missing the lab?  Forgotten how to use a pipette?  Perhaps you are a little rusty on calculating concentration?

Never fear, the Kitchen Lab team are here with a series of workshops that will help you revise and build confidence with those essential lab skills.  Take a look at what’s on offer this semester

To view available sessions and register to attend, follow this link to the events page.

Week Workshop Description
3 Tools of the Trade Get ready to head back to the lab!  Trial different equipment used for measuring in the lab, learn how to make measurements both accurate and precise, practise making up solutions.
4 Titrations and pH: colour changing unicorn solutions Practise doing a titration using a cabbage indicator solution and work through the relevant calculations.
5 Connect the dots: can your dilution make a perfect line? This workshop focuses on the use of the spectrophotometer and developing and using standard curves.
6 & 7 Exploding marshmallows (and other experiments) Pull all of your skills together to design and conduct an experiment.  Then analyse and interpret your data and develop the outline of a scientific report.


All on campus workshops are held at Gardens Point campus (GP O-304) on Wednesdays 1:30 – 3 pm and repeated at Kelvin Grove campus (KG S-106) on Thursday 2 -3:30 pm.

If you’d like to complete these workshops at home, online modules will be available for you to complete in your own time with a free take-home kit! Register your interest in a free kit at https://bit.ly/KitLabKit

To view and register for the sessions, follow this link to the events page.

If you have questions about the sessions, please contact the Kitchen Lab team at success.health@qut.edu.au

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