We all know how valuable time in the laboratory is for developing those core science skills and supporting our understanding of key concepts. Sadly, with the current social distancing measures, tinkering in the lab is just not an option at the moment. How can we make the most of our time at home to support our science learning and skill development?

What would MacGyver do to keep his skills in tip-top shape?





We think he’d head straight to the STIMulate Blackboard page and check out the self-guided Kitchen Lab practical activities, make the most of the materials and space around him and get his science on!

Whether you’re looking to hone your skills on calculating concentrations, dilutions, spectrophotometry fundamentals, standard curves or experimental design, the link above will provide you with some quick activities and inspiration to bring the lab bench into your kitchen.

We also recognise that an important aspect of the Kitchen Lab workshops that cannot easily be replicated in this format is the social element and opportunity for feedback and discussion with peers. For this reason, we have scheduled some zoom sessions for Weeks 7 and 8 to provide an opportunity to come together and discuss the methodology, results, wins and challenges.  Visit the Kitchen Lab events listing to check the event details.

You can also show off the creative science happening in your kitchen by posting a picture on the padlet.

Happy Sciencing!

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