It may be tempting to start writing as soon as you get your assessment task but creating a really good plan can help you achieve a higher grade. The planning process begins from the moment you analyse your essay question and start brainstorming. An effective plan can help organise your ideas and identify where you need to do more research.

Having a really detailed plan for any writing task can ensure that:

  • you have fully understood the task and topic.
  • your ideas are clear and organised in a logical way.
  • you have relevant arguments supported by evidence.
  • you don’t go ‘off-topic’.
  • you can see areas for improvement.
  • Just like writing, planning is a very personal process and there’s no single format or method to use. A lot of people use a simple table to map out the basic structure using the task instructions and CRA as a guide. If you are not sure where to start, access our basic Writing Plan Template from our Padlet.

    Now that you’ve got an awesome plan to refer to, the writing can begin!

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