The Semester of Saving

Over the holidays Josh (my partner) and I moved house. We’re living in the granny flat at his mum’s property in Munruben Forest – it has a beautiful country cottage feel and I’m setting up a herb garden and veggie patch (slowly). We’re so lucky to pay ridiculously cheap rent and still get our own privacy plus kitchen, bathroom, lounge of our own and we got a wireless repeater to pick up the internet signal from the main house.

Clearly with our living costs so low I would be mad to not start saving, right? The question is HOW? This might be very straight forward for those accustomed to being financially savvy but for me it’s quite the challenge. I know the basics – spend less money – but after that I’m kind of scratching my head. So after (unsuccessfully) trying to convince Josh to become a vegetarian, trawling the net for some advice, talking to friends and family and thinking about the things I already do to save money, have come across a few gems of advice that I would like to share. Read more