University Tips and Tricks: Don’t be one of those high heel wearing, blister getting girls.

May is here already. Sorry, what? I know, right. So that means that year-twelvers are starting to look at/apply for university or TAFE courses and some adults may be looking at mid-year university entry. This was me three years ago- oh lord, I am getting old- and all that hard work, late nights and binge-stress eating paid off because I was accepted into my (at the time) dream degree!

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As my first blog post on the Student Sharehouse I thought I would entertain you guys with tips and typically awkward scenarios I experienced in my first year of uni. My first year of uni was a struggle for me, unlike high-school. University is a completely different experience. Let’s get the ball rolling!

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May the fourth be with you: top 5 student lessons learnt from Star Wars.

May has descended on us, bringing final exam preparation and turbulent winds, spurring debates over wether to stay in bed wrapped in a warm burrito of blanket – or to get dressed for uni and potentially risk loosing your extremities to frostbite in the process. May is also the month celebrating perhaps one of the most important cultural dates of the year. “Do you mean May 22nd, World Goth Scene Day ?” some may ask. And well…that too, but I am of course referring to May 4th, Star Wars day !

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