Your guide to a social life during the semester

Week 1-4:
Isn’t student life so fabulous? Work a few shifts, attend a few classes here and there, and spend the rest of the time doing, well, whatever you please. Coffee dates before tutorials, brunch with your pals after a lecture, partying on down at (insert current ‘hip’ bar of choice) after your afternoon work shift. I totally have this whole life/time management/multi-tasking thing down. Look at me, Mum, I’m a fully-functioning adult! I know how to balance work, university AND social commitments. GO ME.

Is there a way I can do this for the rest of my life? No, really, has someone come up with a way of being a professional student yet? Because I’m starting to think the 9-5 Monday-Friday career life might not be for me. Twelve contact hours per week suits me just fine, you know, being an in-demand full-time social butterfly and all. I’ve got to spread my wings and fly.

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