Why Do You Do This To Me, Uni?

Ah, exam block. A time of stress, freaking out, too much studying, the burning desire to procrastinate and even more stress. But it’ll all be over and done with before you know it. After your last exam, you’ll be on holidays and everything will be good again. That is, until you have the startling moment of realisation. You won’t be free as soon as you thought. You have an assignment due the day after your exam.

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That Post-Assessment Feeling

(noun.) the state of euphoria after completing all of one’s assessment for the semester

Exams are well and truly underway and for most students the stress is almost (if not) over. While I didn’t have any exams this semester (two small quizzes don’t count!) I did experience my fair share of stress that took on different forms, including the dreaded five assessment items in five days. But I’m a survivor, and now I’m on holidays. Cue: that post-assessment feeling.

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