5 Reasons Why Brisbane is a Student’s City

Brisbane city may often be forgotten when it comes to talk of student-friendly cities. Sure, Sydney and Melbourne are quite popular for young adults, but I think Brisbane is quite the student’s paradise, and here’s five reasons why!

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Pocket Money Please?

… week 3.
What have I learnt in my first three weeks at the lovely QUT? … I am destined to be poor and lost. But thankfully I will have a design degree under my belt so I will be able to design nifty ‘will draw for food’ signs.

But seriously… I’ve never been particularly wealthy – for the usual reasons of food, shoes, stationery and books, but now that uni has started I have noticed a marked change in the weight of my wallet and the girth of my account. And I haven’t even bought shoes or books for months!

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Change, the double entendre

So once a great man said to me, “Change can’t be given to your every time, you must bring Change”. You will soon find out who said that to me, but before that ask yourself – do you honestly like the simple premise of change?  As for me, no I don’t.

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