Minimalism: My ‘New Semester Resolution’

“Out of sight, out of mind.” Right? Just put those clothes away, put your pens and paper back in the drawer and hey presto! Functional student workspace, right? Until your clothes actually prevent you from closing your wardrobe, or you can’t shut your desk drawers due to an ungodly paper jam.

Perhaps you haven’t experienced these exact situations, but we all know what a drag it is to clean up – especially if you’re cleaning up in order to work. I stumbled upon some minimalist living blogs earlier this year, and they’ve changed my outlook in a great way.

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The Easy Way or The Hard Way: 10 Uni Life Lessons You Should Learn Sooner Rather Than Later

Hi, I’m Courtney and I’m in my second year of law/psychology at QUT. I moved for uni not really knowing what I was in for, having only the American college stereotypes to rely on. I must say, first year is definitely a learning experience. But it was really nothing like what you see on TV. Except for maybe the odd coffee-crazed all-nighter. First year is not just about knuckling down and getting into the rhythm of self-directed study. If anything, that’s the easy part. So here are a few life lessons that every QUT student should know. I had to learn them the hard way, but here’s hoping you can learn them the easy way!

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