Advice from a graduate

Well, here I am, I’ve finally graduated from a Bachelor of Business majoring in Public Relations (with a Marketing 2nd major). What a journey these past 4 years have been!  I managed to complete my personal goal of graduating with a GPA of 6 which felt so good to accomplish! I feel like I’ve really grown personally and professionally throughout my time here at QUT and I think I’m ready to take on the real world (even though I don’t have a job yet, but that will happen next year when I come back from a well-deserved holiday to Europe).

This will be my last ever blog *sniffle*, so I thought I’d give you some advice that I wish I had when I first started uni.

I’m so excited to become a real adult with a real job!

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Fortune favours the brave

Stepping outside a comfort zone is something a lot of individuals struggle with throughout their lives. If it’s truly out of one’s comfort zone, it is never easy. For introverts, there is nothing we dislike more than being pushed past our limits. For me, I have always enjoyed staying in for a quiet, relaxing evening, rather than going out all night. I’ve delighted in the familiarities of home, and never cared much for travelling too far. However, after going on an overseas holiday for a few weeks, something changed. I was bitten by the travel bug, and I realised there was so much more in the world to see and new journeys to go on. But travelling costs money, and so for a while I was stuck. I had work and study commitments. Then, an opportunity arose. image Read more

Study Tour

A lot of us develop a certain level of curiosity when we leave school. We get our first taste of that promised freedom and we want more. It’s an addiction. We want to learn, experience, and see what the world has to offer. The first thing we think of when it comes to university travel is the exchange program The idea is wild and exotic, but maybe we’re not ready for that commitment just yet. Maybe we’re scared to leave Australia for so long, and maybe we don’t trust ourselves to be self sufficient for 6 months to a year. Most of us have never lived out of home before, let alone in another country. That’s why study tours are the perfect opportunity for students who want a taste of travel without the commitment of an exchange (and maybe score some credit points along the way).

In November last year, I went on a study tour across Europe with a bunch of architecture students. I’m not an “archi” student, but that didn’t stop me from crashing their party. Don’t be afraid of taking advantage of opportunities that different faculties have to offer. That’s when you meet the most interesting people.

We traveled for one month, across Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands. 5 countries, 12 cities.

We landed in Copenhagen at 6am, extremely tired and extremely hungry. Like a beacon in the barely-morning darkness, there they were, in a café window; real Danish Danishes. The smell was overwhelmingly good. It was like the smell of a newborn baby, in pastry form. I mean that in the least cannibalistic way possible. They were soft, and sweet, and I just wanted to take it home and love it forever.

IMG_3988Beautiful… *sheds tear*

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Itchy Feet

Hey, my name’s Jay, and I’ve never written a blog before, so be gentle yeah? I kind of feel like the whole concept of a blog is a bit self indulgent. Writing 1000 words in a stream of consciousness isn’t something that is generally within my comfort zone. But then again I’m a Fine Arts student, so what the hell do I know.

I’m in my third year of a double degree in a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Business. I kind of feel like third year is the grade ten of university – you know your way around, but you definitely aren’t the big dog around the place yet. You’ve been here long enough to know you should do your homework, but savvy enough to know that you’ll scrape a pass even if you don’t do it. You know the toilet cubicles in Z block have some pretty hilarious graffiti conversations. And you know it’s only going to get more hectic between now and graduating.

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Independence Day

No, I won’t be talking about the movie starring Will Smith with aliens invading and things being blown to pieces.  I’ve come to realise that I’m a very dependent person.  I live at home, I’m sadly still on my L plates and although I do technically have a job, I only get about 3 hours of work a month so it doesn’t really count.  I think it’s time I grow up and take some initiative for myself. Read more