I’m sorry, did you say ‘class is full’?

ARGHH!! Stress! Stress! Stress! START QUT students’ class registration opened today so in my spare class at school I hopped online to get into a class early that wouldn’t disrupt school so much. Lecture and tutorial on Monday. Sweet but no, wait, something’s wrong. Class full: you have been placed on a waiting list. Pardon? Class registration isn’t supposed to officially open until Monday and the compulsory lecture is FULL!? so after a major heart attack and repressed scream resulting in only a few casualties, I realised I should probably contact the START QUT services. Turns out that my disintegration of sanity was for no reason – with only one lecture available I was automatically placed in the class. *sigh*

Final submission due Sunday and I’m on top of it. Class registration complete and holidays looming; Semester 1 university subject in QUT Bachelor of Design: done. well.. almost.
Doing university and school at the same time really is possible, you just have to have a hug, a smile, a laugh and a bed somewhere to keep you going.

Forgotten Passwords and Numb Toes

Assignment number 2 done and dusted! I may have lost an average of 2 hours of sleep every night and I may have given up my lunch times at school but it was all worth it! I finally finished the second assessment for my class and now I have spare time! It’s glorious.

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