I need a computer ASAP!


As my first order of blog business I thought I’d share some of my knowledge on finding a computer at QUT because the amount of times I have needed a computer and not been able to find one because half the people that actually are using one are using it for the sole purpose of Facebook is greatly enraging to me and I’m sure many of you share this rage also.

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Your guide to a social life during the semester

Week 1-4:
Isn’t student life so fabulous? Work a few shifts, attend a few classes here and there, and spend the rest of the time doing, well, whatever you please. Coffee dates before tutorials, brunch with your pals after a lecture, partying on down at (insert current ‘hip’ bar of choice) after your afternoon work shift. I totally have this whole life/time management/multi-tasking thing down. Look at me, Mum, I’m a fully-functioning adult! I know how to balance work, university AND social commitments. GO ME.

Is there a way I can do this for the rest of my life? No, really, has someone come up with a way of being a professional student yet? Because I’m starting to think the 9-5 Monday-Friday career life might not be for me. Twelve contact hours per week suits me just fine, you know, being an in-demand full-time social butterfly and all. I’ve got to spread my wings and fly.

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