Orientation Week through the student/staff lens

A week ago I went to a KickSTART opening session and saw at least 200 new students in one lecture room. Some of them were more nervous than others, but all of them were proud to be starting their journey at university.

Monday was the first day of Orientation (O Week), and there were so many new students going around. I had the privilege of meeting many of them at the Welcome Tent at Gardens Point campus, and could not be more excited to share what happened!

I spent all day welcoming new students to QUT, thousands of them! And I LOVED IT!

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QUT 101 – QUT Connect

A big hello to all the..um.. QUTians? ..QUTopia?.. QUTites?… QUTsiders?  QUTese?..  QUTers?.. QUTans?.. oh well I’ll figure that out later. This is the long overdue welcome to the new kids on the block and the old kids who had no option but to stay back. Hope you are all easing into the busy student life. I personally feel like I’ve been dropped in the middle of a warzone without any armour and I have to exploit my survival skills to get to the end. It is only week 3, but the immense workload creates a different perception on the semester timeline. I guess I kinda expected it to be this way, since its my 4th and last year of a double degree.

Anyways, this year I thought I might help out everyone with identifying QUT’s very own facilities, opportunities and programs that could help out in finding a career, getting help in assignments or even joining a club/society. So I will be doing a blog series called QUT 101, which would involve anything from QUT faculties to QUT career programs. If you have anything in particular that you want to know more about, leave me a comment I will try my best to get some information and publish around here.

So to kick off,

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