QUT Open Day = Stress-free!

I avoided TSXPO and Open Days for years, trying to calm my nerves by ignoring my impending graduation (makes sense, I know).


Me dodging responsibility circa 2011

Finally in my senior year, I cracked and headed to the QUT Open Day. I wish I’d done it sooner! My visit to QUT gave me the opportunity to chat with important people from the faculties I was interested in, and gather information at my own pace while still enjoying the day with friends. 110% Stress Free!

Here are my top three reasons QUT’s Open Day will be stress-free for you:

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Open Day Changed My Life

Literally. I’m not exaggerating. If you asked Grade-Twelve-Sara what she wanted to do with her future, prior to Open Day, you’d get an answer that sounded a bit like;

“Uhh. Uni… journalism…law maybe…teaching…business…stuff… I DON’T KNOW LEAVE ME ALONE.”

She would then run away from you and all decisions regarding planning the rest of her life.


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Popping the big question.

“And what do you want to be when you finish school?”

They look at you with wide eyes and eyebrows touching their hairline in such interest it burns your skin. You stammer a little, you fiddle with your fingers and study your very, very interesting shoes in response. I have literally lost count of how many times I have been asked this question. By parents, teachers, friends, people you don’t even know, shop owners, parents’ friends, friends’ friends, friends of the people you don’t even know; the list goes on! And all of them are interested in the career you will chose to pursue for the rest of your life.  It is the ultimate choice you make. Bigger than we ever thought and more stressful than any exam we have ever sat. This is the decision that will govern the rest of our lives. Read more