Open-Ended Degrees


* Me when I first started Uni*



*Halfway through the course and…..*



*I realise that I’ve gotten into a degree which gives me SO many options once I graduate that I am now lost. Cue QUT Career Counsellers*

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Am I ready for the Real World?

I’m doing an elective this semester called AMB310 Internship, and we’re required to write a journal throughout the semester detailing our experiences with sourcing and working in an internship of our choosing.  Last week’s topic was all about “Am I Ready” – essentially dissecting ourselves and our readiness for the big bad world out there.

Accurate portrayal of me this semester.

Accurate portrayal of me this semester.

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The best cover letter ever created

Getting work experience during your uni days is pretty important, a fact that has become scarily real for me. In my PR Planning lecture, the lecturer asked how many of us had done work experience, and I was one of about a handful of people who hadn’t. It was an embarrassing eye opener that pushed me into overdrive, looking for unpaid positions, volunteering, anything that would allow me to gain some experience in my chosen majors of PR and marketing. Read more

Tips on how to find a part-time job… and keep it!

I don’t know about you, but I think being a student is expensive. Sure we have our beautiful parents/guardians to feed, shelter and clean up after us (from time to time of course. We must be good sons and daughters once in a while!), but I’ve realised in the past 3 months that I’ve been at uni that for some reason, I “needed” many many things. I “needed” that new pair of jeans, I “needed” that bottle of vodka for that party and I “needed” to spend $21 on a rubbish movie in 3D.

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