Close at Heart

It feels like the last year has just flown by. A year ago, I finally packed up my stuff and moved out of home to be closer to uni. Overall, this experience has been great and I would encourage people to consider their options if traveling for study is an issue.

My Mum was very supportive and gave me a care-package of stuff that I am still using today. She also gave me a cute little placard that said, “Close at Heart” even though I was just moving an hour down the highway for university.

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Five things I’ve inherited (or hope to inherit) from my mum


People tell me that I’m a lot like my mum, and that is literally the greatest compliment ever. While it is true that I have inherited some similar traits, I can only hope that one day I will be as great as she is. Here are some things I have inherited from her, and some qualities of hers that I strive to achieve. Read more

Survival Kit for those living/travelling away from their families and close friends!

Hey everyone, me again! Are you like me and live away from family and close friends who you adore and once thought you couldn’t spend a day without? I know how much it sucks. As you may or may not know, I made the move from Bundaberg earlier this year and am finding it particularly hard to settle in without my close family and friends standing by me, giving me advice and just being there in my life. I like many people make the trip home frequently (usually every 2 or 3 weekends, if I can stand that long!). So to help cope with the stress of being away from them, I have developed an almighty survival kit, that I believe will help, at least the slightest bit, for me and you! Even if you’re just going on a holiday and you think you’ll miss your close family and friends, I hope it helps! Feel free to add suggestions and additions to the kit 😀

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