Creating a Teacher. Becoming an Artist.

Someone asked me recently a simple but seemingly complex question: what made me want to be a teacher? I wasn’t sure how to answer. How do you describe something that you feel you have an intrinsic connection to? Well, I may not be able to put my finger on what made me want to be a teacher, but having finished my second year of my Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree, I now know what I’m looking forward to achieving as soon as I step into my first classroom. Read more

Gratitude in hard times

Hello again cyber-buddies,

Week 11 and we’re still afloat! Well done team.

I really appreciate all the people taking time not only to read my self-indulgent whiny-poos, but commenting with words of empathy, encouragement and even solidarity.

We shall rise together yet Mature-ies – We shall rise!

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My First Teaching Prac

So I got an email the other day from the Registrar about rural/remote prac opportunities for education students, and I got to thinking about my experiences at around this time last year, when I flew to Airlie Beach and taught at a local state high for a month. I had the most incredible experience and fell in love with the area. The students were really great and when I left they gave me cards, notes, chocolates and even a bunch of oriental lilies on my last day. One student, a Year 9 boy, even gave me a packet of chips from his lunchbox! The school itself had a really casual vibe and I found the staff supportive and friendly, even when I sat all lunch hour grilling them about the upcoming changes to the history curriculum and their experiences with mixed-ability groups. Best of all, the Deputy Principal said she would try to get me back for my internship, with a view to permanent employment when I graduate!

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