The Beauty of a Double Degree

In my eyes, studying a double degree is pretty much the greatest thing ever. The beauty of a double degree? Double the career opportunities and knowledge but not at double the time or cost! It’s kind of like being Hannah Montana/ Miley Stewart- without that whole teenybopper popstar gig and creepy Billy Ray Cyrus dad situation. You’ve got the best of both worlds i.e. law student by day, creative writing student by night. It’s a very mysterious, dangerous double secret agent lifestyle- or I like to think it is. 

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Second thoughts

After finishing my secondyear of uni, you might think I’d have everything sorted right now; that I’d be happy with what I’m studying and where I am in life and that I’ve set myself up to graduate with an awesome degree.  Truth is, the more I think about it, the less certain I feel about everything.  Especially my course.

It would be great if I could just sit at home and get paid to eat and watch movies. That would be a perfect job.

Me getting paid to eat, what a life!

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