Where time takes us

Hi all,

I know you’ve all missed me. I’ve missed me too.

It seems I’ve been hiding under the rock of procrastination for a minimum of at least three lunar cycles, and it’s time to emerge…slightly battle weary from the challenges weeks 7 – 14 (in uni speak) decided to throw at me, but I’ve been hibernating long enough now to, let’s face it – get over it. Suck it Up. Woman up. Shake it off. Get on with it. Move on. Jump over the hump. Have a word with myself. Pronounce to the world ‘Inshalla!’.

Hell, why not just dust off that unused joyful canary alto-voice box out of storage, and croon a little ‘Que Sera Sera’, to myself; Donning a crisp white fifties housewife number, curl my golden mane and dust the house gaily whilst I do so?

Why not? Because, like 99.87% of Semester One 2012, it is far too much effort.

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