Student Public Transport Life – Part 2


This is a follow up to my part 1 blog, which you can view here. Now that we are over 6 weeks into the semester it’s given us time to experience the joys of public transport with our fellow human’s so it only seems right to put those moments into another blog.

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The best cover letter ever created

Getting work experience during your uni days is pretty important, a fact that has become scarily real for me. In my PR Planning lecture, the lecturer asked how many of us had done work experience, and I was one of about a handful of people who hadn’t. It was an embarrassing eye opener that pushed me into overdrive, looking for unpaid positions, volunteering, anything that would allow me to gain some experience in my chosen majors of PR and marketing. Read more

Not all questions need answering?

So kids, normally if there is a question, it is at least assumed that there is an answer. But do all questions need answering?. Even if it’s a rhetorical question, often you are obliged to give some kind of an answer. But sometimes there’s no proper answer for some questions. For example:

Q: OH MY GOD, How good is the weather today?
A: umm.. rainy I guess?

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