Age: 19

Course: BFA – Creative and Professional Writing major. Kauz I lerned to rite gud.

Year of progress in course: Second.

Dream job: Political speechwriter, or video game design writing.

What’s the one thing that sets you apart from other students: Probably the speech writing – I haven’t met any other aspiring speechwriters in my course. Also, I used to fence.

Which TV character best matches your personality: Wow, that’s a tough one. Can it be a comic book character? If so, it would probably be Deadpool. (I’m hoping there are Deadpool fans that read this – if not, I hope people are soon to become Deadpool fans).

Your favourite three books: American Gods, Fighting Talk, Animal Farm.

Your favourite three movies: I’m a bit of a Kubrick fanboy. So it would have to be A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket taking first and second place. Third place goes to Pulp Fiction.

Describe your music tastes: I listen to A LOT of Electronica. It’s a guilty habit.

What do you do in your free time: I play a heap of video games, which takes up most of my free time. But I also enjoy reading books, watching cartoons and keeping up with politics.

You can invite five people (dead, alive or fictional) to dinner – who would they be: Anyone except for Mr. Creosote (Monty Python and the Meaning of Life.)

What makes you happy: Most things.

If you could choose one super power – what would it be: Shape shifting, but not simply into different animals. Turning into cars and other assorted vehicles would be cool.

What is your favourite place on earth: Junction View. It’s where I grew up. It may be the childhood nostalgia kicking in, but it really is a beautiful and serene place.

What would be your last meal: It would probably be some sort of meat that noone would ever think to consume – like otter meat.

What do you want to be when you grow up: Older.

If your mates could sum you up in three words – they would be: Down to earth.

What is your most treasured possession: My bed. It has always been there for me. No matter how rough the night.

Blogs you follow: The Word of Notch, TSM, Penny Arcade Blog.


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