Age: 21

Course: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film, TV and the ever-mysterious ‘New Media’ Production).

Year of progress in course: Final year.

Dream job: Big-ature maker at WETA Workshop, on- and-off writer, wildlife documentary camera operator, fashion film maker, and head honcho at a sweet Troublemaker-style studio set-up out in the desert. Also an eccentric and very well paid painter, but now I’m just being greedy.

What’s the one thing that sets you apart from other students: Hobo sense of style. And my stunning looks of course.

Which TV character best matches your personality: Troy from Community. At least that’s what I like to think- I have a hunch I’m more like Abed.

Your favourite three books: The Hours by Michael Cunningham, Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury and The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.

Your favourite three TV shows: Battlestar Galactica (2003 reboot), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Community before it went to hell.

Describe your music tastes: Dismal. My iPod playlists would make all you hipsters out there weep blood. The Fruisciante-era Red Hot Chili Peppers are my one true music love.

What do you do in your free time: Surf, write, sculpt, read, make some movie magic with my DSLR, design for my t-shirt label, paint, redecorate my room, and terrorize the neighborhood on longboard or on foot.

What makes you happy: When I get home from uni and there’s nobody home. I shouldn’t love it so much. But I do.

If you could choose one super power – what would it be: To pull stuff out of a printed image into reality. My house would be filled with nothing but pictures of money and cookbooks.

What is your favourite place on earth: Wooyung in Oceania, Degla in Europe and New York City in America

What would be your last meal: Lebanese food, with a seafood buffet on the side.

What do you want to be when you grow up: Less athletic and good-looking. It’s a burden really.

What is your most treasured possession: My gold medallion necklace. It has Our Lady of Mount Carmel on one side, grown-up bearded Jesus on the other. My Dad got it for me ages ago. I haven’t seen him in years so it’s nice to always have something of his.

Blogs you follow: Monster Makers, Backyard FX, Rookie, Scriptshadow, http://1stassistantdirectors.tumblr.com/, When You Really Study at QUT and Filmmaker IQ.


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