Age: 21

Gender: Male

Course: Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Corporate Systems Management

Year of progress in course: Fourth Year

Dream job: A successful entrepreneur

What’s the one thing that sets you apart from other students: I am bit cynical in a way that I like to question things, but I’m quite optimistic as well. And most of all I can quote from movies in daily conversations like its normal.

What other’s think of you from your favorite TV show:  “As Smooth as Ted Moseby, as spiffy as Barney in a Suit, as nice as Marshall is to Lilly, as devoted to the Sri Lankan cricket team as Robin to the Vancouver Canucks and as caring as Lily” – Miss LuLu

Your favourite three movies: I am bit of a movie geek, or should I say ‘enthusiast’. So it’ll be bit unfair, If I had to choose just 3 movies.

Describe your music tastes: Quite a variety actually. All the way from soft rock to R&B and Hiphop. But if I had to pick one band, I’d say COLDPLAY all the way.

What do you do in your free time: Mostly watch movies and tv shows, then social networking, after that actually be social and meet up with friends.

You can invite five people (dead, alive or fictional) to dinner – who would they be: Barney Stinson (someone has to follow the bro-code), Sheldon Cooper (to learn a thing or two about sarcasm), Ted Moseby (to find the real story of “how i met your mother”), Zach Galifanakis (to make awkward jokes), and Olivia Wilde (to fill up the female gap).

What makes you happy: Simple things makes me happy, like if you reply to email/texts in time, punctuality, and people commenting on my facebook status updates & getting more than 10 likes per status. Last but not least sarcasm.

If you could choose one super power – what would it be: Definitely Mind reading. Think how easy it would be to ask a girl on a date. Seriously!.

What is your favourite place on earth: Fiji Islands, My paradise home.

What do you want to be when you grow up: An entrepreneur

If my mates could sum me up in three words – they would be: Fun, Motivated, Caring

What is your most treasured possession: Not quite sure, but something to with technology, because I’m quite technology dependent.


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    Rohan & Chamila

    Hi Mulle,

    we got a very good news from your Dad and we are very happy and proud of you…

    Rohan Aiya and Chami akki

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    Nicholas Burge

    Love the profile man! =]

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    Sarbani Das


    want to know about the course you are pursuing,and what is the procedure and requirement to apply.and how is the fee structure and is there any scholarship offered to overseas students?

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    I think the whole world should uphold the Bro Code. It should be taught in schools.

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