Age: 22

Course: Mechanical engineering; minor in animation.

Year of progress in course: Fourth-ish

Dream job: Pipe dreams included; simultaneously working at Ghibli/Sony Pictures animation, producing my own (wildly successful) comic book series, and in my spare time travelling/working as a humanitarian engineer on development projects in my home country.

What’s the one thing that sets you apart from other students: When students see an ant and say “dat ant,” I am the only one that can say “dat me.” I can then smoothly introduce my rapper persona Das Ant. This has never happened but it can.

Which TV character best matches your personality: Sailor Moon – if only.

Your favourite three books: The best I can do is name my most recent ever- changing loves; Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon, Sita’s Ramayana by Samhita Arni and Moyna Chitrakar, and Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Your favourite three movies: In the context of re-watching the same movies for eternity; Muriel’s Wedding, Spirited Away and Ever After.

Describe your music tastes: I’m going to be horrible and say if I listen to something enough I’ll probably like it. I love my beats though; pop, hip-hop, rap, alternative. I don’t want to name anyone lest I forget someone, but Yasiin Bey’s a babe – a Yasiin babe.

What do you do in your free time: Draw, read, internet, and walk with an objective that I can decide to ignore.

You can invite five people (dead, alive or fictional) to dinner – who would they be: The five gentlemen of Reservoir Dogs, but Mr Brown is actually Quentin Tarantino. I would be the wallflower in the interest of self-preservation.

What makes you happy: Good food, good company, and the part in a really good story right before something amazing happens but you have no idea what.

If you could choose one super power – what would it be: Poison Ivy’s power.

What is your favourite place on earth: The grassy hill right before I reach home.

What would be your last meal: My mum’s cháo gà.

What do you want to be when you grow up: Chillin’ and grillin’ meat that I can eat with my old lady teeth.

If your mates could sum you up in three words – they would be: Kind, cool, there for you.

What is your most treasured possession: My bodacious brain.

Blogs you follow: Whatnotisms, ThisBigCity and a lot of art and animation tumblr blogs.


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