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I’m a musician, motorcyclist, student and self-diagnosed Sci-Fi nerd currently in my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Creative Industries degree. Being able to study music, entertainment and marketing simultaneously allows me to keep a level head and procrastinate productively. Creating the perfect uni-work-fun-facebook balance is something that, like music (or COD), requires a lot of practice. I’m loving the freedom of uni and being able to choose my own classes and have made some great industry contacts through my studies. I’m really looking forward to sharing my experiences and stories on this blog. Cool beans? Cool beans.
They call me Alice Renendez and they like it when I put on an accent. I have recently developed an obsession with pillow-making and all things interior. I have brown hair and like brown, dark chocolate. I believe that tacky bedspreads can deteriorate one’s ability to study at home. I am currently in my second year at QUT studying Creative Industries, doing a double artsy major. I write live and album reviews for Brisbane’s street press RAVE magazine. Those guys are cool. Print isn’t dead you know.
With a few Bachelor of Laws subjects between Amanda and her second QUT degree (yes! She came back after being awarded a Bachelor of Business!), the mortar board is almost close enough to cause pre-emptive hat hair. When Amanda’s not busy being the self-appointed defender of Maria Sharapova or imagining what she would serve Kevin McCleod of Grand Designs fame should he ever come for dinner, she might be taking a break from the important issues of the day and wondering how Olivia Palermo combines clashing prints without looking like she got dressed in the dark.
Greetings! I am Amelia, formally known as Moo. I am technically a third year student as I started attending QUT when I was in grade 12 but I am in my first year of my current degree, Mass Communication. I am a scarf connoisseur, am obsessed with pugs and am having an affair with Nutella. I am not the most fortunate person so if you want to hear about the mishaps and the confusions of student life, have a look at my blog and don’t be a stranger 🙂
Hi everyone, my name is Amy and I’m in my third year of university. I’m currently studying Creative and Professional Writing, while also maintaining a part-time job and what some might call a social life. I often use my creativity as a way of procrastinating, and day-dreaming takes up a fair amount of my spare time.
Heya, I’m An, art name AnT, rapper name Das Ant. I like to thoroughly understand things, tell stories, and take walks with an objective I have the option of ignoring. I’m a fourth-ish year Mechanical engineering student minoring in Animation. I’m an avid animated film fan, have recently caught the travel bug, and would like to combine art, technology and social media in a way that helps people.
Hey Everyone! I’m Austin and I’m a first year Interactive Media Design and Information Technology student. This year I’ll be juggling a part time job, university and the goal by the end of the year is to be self employed. I love creating things people enjoy- from images, videos, blog posts or something interactive, I love doing it all. I hope to one day be travelling around the world and running my own business.
I go by Cat and I’m a self-confessed fan girl, tea addict and dog lover. I’m currently embarking on my second year of my double psychology and social work degree, being a typical student struggling to balance making money, not failing statistics and maintaining a social life outside of Facebook. I like to live my life eating, writing, listening and dreaming and I’m here at QUT to learn how to make a difference as a social worker, sharing stories of love, tears and laughter along the way.
Meet Chrissie – a gerascophobic twenty-something education student lacking spatial awareness and financial security. A self-confessed grammatical fiend who instinctively corrects misplaced apostrophes and loves a philosophical debate. Notable achievements: bluffing her way through university quite successfully to date, volunteering in Cambodia.
I am Claire: a third-year Architecture student with a seriously impressive CD collection. I spend most of my days wandering the streets of Brisbane City, yet I’m continuously dreaming about other wonderful places I could be. Don’t be fooled by my quiet demeanour, I’m a passionate individual who is craving an adventure.
I’m Corey. I am a first year, freshly birthed from the high school womb. I am currently doing a Bachelor of Mass Communication, but want to incorporate so much more than advertising and film. Like fashion, or Starbucks. If I could major in Starbucks, I would. I work, I read, I watch cinema and television series. My life is a little soap opera, a little sitcom and a whole lot of reality.
Hi, I’m a notorious perfectionist. I’m in my second year of a double degree in Law and Psychology and I must say, I’m loving the variety! Obviously I love to read, which is lucky since I’ve set my heart on studying law and that seems to be all I am ever doing. However, in my spare time I like learning German and occasionally testing the cooking skills I’ve been trying to develop since moving away from home. The typical stresses are no stranger to me: study, work and somehow finding time to cook, clean and sleep during exam period. But I’m a big believer that if you take a moment and breathe deep, you can achieve the seemingly impossible.
I’m Ella. I spend more time wondering how I got to my second year of Creative Writing than I do actually writing. I buy second-hand books compulsively, and always reassure myself that life will somehow work itself out. In August I’ll be doing six months study in America. So I guess that right now, things are working out OK.
Hey guys! My name is Ellen, and I’m currently in my second year of QUT’s Bachelor of Music (scientifically proven to be the coolest degree on campus!) I play a number of instruments but you’ll mostly see me rocking out on the bass guitar, or spinning some “sick beats”, MIDI controller in hand. My dream job is somewhere in-between: I hope to be a successful audio engineer, mixing hit records out of a cosy studio in London. In the meanwhile, I’m constantly immersing myself in my beloved industry and chasing the ever-elusive QUT cats.
I’m Hasitha or Hasi. I’m studying a double in business and corporate systems management. I aspire to enjoy the simplest things in life.  I love humour and comedy too much that I make jokes nobody laughs at. I continue to find my own personality in the big world outside this computer, so join me on my misadventures in the form of a stimulating blog.
I’m a complete daydreamer who is head-over-heels in love with anything to do with music. I’m currently trying to figure out how to attend as many music festivals and concerts as possible while still somehow finishing my business and science double degree.
I’m Jacob and I’m in my first year of uni, studying Business and Media and Communication.  I’m as far away from a perfectionist as can get, I go with the flow but at the same time make the most of every opportunity.  I sometimes laugh at my own jokes but i always try to have fun. I’m both anxious and excited to start uni and hopefully my blogs will give you an insight into the ups and downs of a 17 year old first year.
Hey there pals, I’m Imogen and I’m in my final year of Journalism. My habits include being a music snob, stalking myself on Instagram, crying because I’m not in Europe anymore and pestering my friends to hang out with me. I like op shops, airports, chubby babies and breaking news updates on my BBC app. I am afraid of my teeth falling out (again) and asteroids. I’m learning Turkish and only sometimes wish I wasn’t the height of an elf. I hope you have a fab day!
Being a Kiwi and all I should probably start with Kia ora! I’m Jason and I’m a final year Podiatry student. This is my seventh year of full time study having completed a Diploma of Fitness before studying at QUT. I’m a sports fanatic and watching a few sneaky hours of football in the early mornings has led to close calls of missing public transport. Sometimes you have to live life on edge, even if that is the edge of the couch watching Arsenal get knocked out of the UEFA Champions League on a regular basis.
Hey, my name’s Jay and I’m in my third year of a double degree in a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I’d describe myself as a bit of a nearly man around QUT. I nearly made it on time to a lecture last week, and I nearly failed Accounting last year. I like football, public transport (just kidding), two dollar sushi from the shop at Adelaide Street, and studying anywhere that denies me access to Facebook.
I’m Kelvin and I am in my 3rd year of studying Information Technology and Interactive and Visual Design. I don’t exactly know what I want to do when I graduate yet, but I know that I would love to work in part of the film /entertainment industry. This stems from my inner cinephile; I love watching movies, learning about how they are made, and making as many pop culture references as possible. If the power is out you’ll find me in my hammock with a book, or burning through a roll of film with my camera. Doing something creative keeps me sane and dabbling with technology interests me greatly.
I’m Leyla. I’m a final year Film, TV and New Media Production student and spend most of my time actively avoiding my assignments, whether by procrastinating, making some movie magic or occasionally saving frightened peasants from trolls. The hours I spend at Uni are divided between chilling on lawns, occasionally attending classes and pondering that age-old question “Should I have a curry or a kebab for lunch?”
Follow Luke as he shows you the ins and outs of university life and the best spots to look out for. When he’s not planning his Round The World trip, training for impending marathons or trying to learn a language, Luke’s balancing Business and Law degrees with a part time job.
Maddie is an aspiring feature writer currently in her fourth year of a double degree studying Journalism and Business (Public Relations major). Maddie has also recently discovered how ridiculously contrived and awkward she sounds writing about herself in third person and shall now put an end to that. Hello? Interwebs, is that you? I’m Maddie. I am many things but mostly I’m an avid media consumer, pop culture fanatic, massive children’s cartoons fan and thrift shop hoarder (got to love life on a student budget). My life motto? Eat, sleep, repeat. Think I forgot rave? Nope, that was intentionally omitted. Well, that’s it, that’s me summarised in 100 words. Nice to meet you too, fellow Internet-dweller.
Hi! My name is Maddie, and I’m in my final year of undergraduate study. I’m completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Drama whilst working as much as I can in the theatre industry – and blogging for QUT, of course! If you like quick wit, bad puns, and an abundance of self-deprecation, then you won’t like me… See what I did there? I’m here to share my experiences as a typical drama student and as a student with a disability. When I’m not blogging, I’m usually writing assignments or avoiding them completely. Hey, no one ever said uni was easy!
I’m Mel; a mover, shaker and cupcake baker. I’m in my final year of a Business degree, majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. I don’t know where I’m going in life, but I’m sure I’ll like it when I get there. I’m highly skilled as a professional procrastinator, movie watcher and part-time video game player. You can find me wandering around Gardens Point searching for stray cats to take photos of and coax into my bag.
Hey all! My name’s Melissa and I’m a lot better at summing myself up in a 140 character tweet than anything else. I’m a past START QUT student and now I’m in my third year studying Creative and Professional Writing. I like to think of myself as a part-time Tumblr user and a full time zebra lover. Writing is my passion and I hope that one day I’ll be able to unleash my fantasy novels onto the world. I refuse to believe that my favourite fictional characters aren’t actually real.
Michael is my name, but feel free to call me Mikes, Mike, Mikey – just not Mick. I believe that hard work and mental strength are the keys needed to become successful at uni; intelligence is just the product. Having come from a low-income background, funding myself to go to university, living in and out of home, facing major family breakdowns, I would like to think I can relate to the continual struggle many people face at coming to uni and even while at uni. So I welcome any questions about the long, sometimes difficult road to get to uni – in particular QUT – and sticking uni out.
I’m a second year Business (Marketing) student. I worked in the music industry for thirteen years until I decided to work on feeding my brain cells, rather than eliminating them. I’ve also worked as a scrubber in the mines and a Cook on a cargo boat. Yeah I’ve lived, peeps. My interests and activities include unsexy dancing, cheese, grog, yoga, impersonating Dr. Phil and travel. I care about Mental Health, Aged Care, Animal Welfare, Slow Food and Domestic Violence eradication. I am the moodiest person I know. Consider that a pro. It makes for interesting reading…
I’m a second-year journalism student, attempting to navigate the concrete jungle of Kelvin Grove as well as the actual jungle where I’ve been illegally parking my car. As well as being an aspiring writer, I’m a lover of good music and a beanie aficionado. Born and raised a bogan, I have the innate entertainment value of constantly having bad things happen to me. I solemnly swear (that I’m up to no good) and that every near-fatal accident, ill-conceived idea, awkward encounter and academic misstep will be chronicled in this blog for your reading pleasure.
I’m Neslea (pronounced Nes-lee)! I often breakdown and cry when asked if I was named after the chocolate. I’m a first year Business (Accountancy)/Creative Industries (Journalism) student who has completely forgotten how to make friends and is ecstatic about the ample opportunity for fast-food runs between lectures. I enjoy music, gloomy weather and find pleasure and amusement in making people feel uncomfortable. I plan to build a giant slippery slide that transports people down that hellish Kelvin Grove hill and straight to Z Block. One day, my friends.
I’m a Bachelor of Mass Communications student in my second year at QUT. I enjoy meeting new people, going out with friends, watching ridiculously nonsensical Apatow comedies, trying on clothes without buying them, and pressing all the squeaky toys in K-Mart to go off at once. One day I will be an entertainment journalist, or die trying.
Hey there! I’m Rhianna, but most people call me Rhi or Wolf (I don’t bite, I swear!). I’m an aspiring musician, photographer and artist, but my countless interests mean I’m currently studying my first year of a Bachelor of Business. My majors are Marketing and Korean (to add even more to the mix), and I’m hoping to go on exchange to South Korea someday. I’m really looking forward to sharing my take on university life with you all!
Hi, I’m Sam, a Business student at QUT. Here are a few of my favourite things: Achievement. Books. Caffeine. Dreaming. Economics. Fashion. Gastronomic-delights. Him. Ideas-that-are-genius. Jack Daniels. Keepsakes. Love. Markets. Nighttimes. Originality. Positivity. Quirkiness. Rock’n’Roll.  Shoes. Tea. Utopia. Vintage. Winter. XOXO. Yoga. Zealousness. Now you know my ABC, next time won’t you… read my blog?
Hello! I’m Sara and I’m in my fourth year of studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Fine Arts/ Bachelor of Business. I major in Creative and Professional Writing, and Economics. I like reading, I like writing, and I like drawing graphs. I am VERY good at singing Adele songs and my favourite colour is glitter. I hope my future is as bright as the sequins I wear.
I am an international student and currently in my fifth semester in Business. At the moment I am financing my living as a waitress. I am a stress head and balancing university and work can be quite challenging but without the constant pressure I get pretty bored. Other important things in my world are friends, caffeine, music, the gym and good books. Unfortunately all these things are secondary during semester because my studies have first priority. Well at least I am trying to tell myself that’s how it is.
My name is Tim, I’m 19 years old and studying my second year of Creative and Professional Writing. I’m hoping to become either a speechwriter or video game design writer (Or maybe write speeches about video game design – who knows). I was looking for a course where I could express my ideas and opinions. Writing seemed logical, because I suck at singing, dancing and drawing. I practically live online, and play a tonne of competitive video games (LoL, CS, WoW, AoS – If it’s an acronym, I’ve probably played it). If I’m not doing that, it means that my assignments are due in a few hours.
Hi Guys! I’m Xavier and yes, you may call me Professor X. I’m currently in my fourth year of studying Film and Television and the Entertainment Industries within the awesome Bachelor of Creative Industries degree at QUT. My life is a pretty simple recipe containing a bit of studying, a tad of socialising, an overload of procrastinating and way too much Facebooking. Travelling is my passion and I picture myself in the future having an epic job trotting the globe with a camera in hand.