Why I regret not going on exchange

I am in my final semester of the Bachelor of Business degree, and throughout my studies, I’ve ticked many things off my uni ‘bucket list’.

  • Did I have a great time at uni? Yes.
  • Did I find my passion and make a lot of friends? Yes.
  • Do I regret not going on exchange? YES, I do!

Today I want to share with you why I regret not going on exchange and why you should start planning to go the day you start your first semester at uni.

Ana is surrounded by her new friends from around the world whom she met at the conference in South Korea

I attended a conference in South Korea and there I realized I had made a huge mistake by not going on the exchange when I had a chance.

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Moving on up

It’s been a few months since I packed up my car and moved out of home to the city (sorry Mum). And I’m loving it! No more hour-and-a-half train rides means that I can finally sleep in without having to feel guilty. And then there is the freedom of going out more often without having to catch the 1am train back. But it is not all as glamorous as it seems.

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START QUT- Pros and Cons

In 2015, I have the opportunity to be apart of the START QUT program, which basically means I’m in University a year early… but also doing grade 12 at the same time. This has proved to be pretty challenging in quite a few ways, however it’s also been extremely rewarding for me. So I decided why not share my experience with the program and start with a list of Pros and Cons! Read more

A Public Relations Student in China

Being at uni isn’t just about slaving away partying procrastinating broadening your knowledge in the classroom.  There are so many opportunities to gain new skills, meet new friends and create some fantastic memories, if you know where to find them!  One such opportunity the Business School offers is going on a short-term exchange.

Last year in July I was fortunate enough to go on a 2 week short exchange to the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) Summer Camp in Chengdu, China.  The university hosted around 60 uni students from countries all around the world – Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa and the UK to name a few – to broaden our knowledge of Chinese culture, language and business practices.

'Melissa' in Chinese

‘Melissa’ in Chinese

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Independence Day

No, I won’t be talking about the movie starring Will Smith with aliens invading and things being blown to pieces.  I’ve come to realise that I’m a very dependent person.  I live at home, I’m sadly still on my L plates and although I do technically have a job, I only get about 3 hours of work a month so it doesn’t really count.  I think it’s time I grow up and take some initiative for myself. Read more

Remember the Days of the Old School Yard

High school; where you’re safe in your little bubble of friends, your teachers would actually accept the excuse of “Oh but my computer got a virus/my USB got wiped/my printer’s run out of ink” and you could go out on a weekend and (usually) not have to worry about the massive piles of homework invading your desk.  I miss those days…

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Getting back to my roots

About three months ago I was approached by my old school to return and inspire, maybe even motivate the grade 12 student body in making an informed life decision post grade twelve. I really appreciated the invitation, and couldn’t say no to a return to Glenala State High School.

After hanging up that very phone call, I began to think about what I have done that could inspire a group of grade twelve students… The thoughts started to roll on in.

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The wonderful world of living arrangements

Thinking of moving out? Read this first!

One of the most daunting things about beginning university, whether you’ve just left high school or have been out for a few years, is considering where you’ll live when you begin your studies. Make no mistake, when done right, student life can be the greatest years of your life. However, it can also be a living hell if you fall behind on your classes, isolate yourself, stop going to class, and don’t take care of yourself in general. And a big part of that is where you’re staying.

You have to think about your living arrangements. Where are you going to stay? Are you going to keep living with your parents, or move out and give the living independent thing a shot? Read more