5 Reasons Why Brisbane is a Student’s City

Brisbane city may often be forgotten when it comes to talk of student-friendly cities. Sure, Sydney and Melbourne are quite popular for young adults, but I think Brisbane is quite the student’s paradise, and here’s five reasons why!

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University Tips and Tricks: Don’t be one of those high heel wearing, blister getting girls.

May is here already. Sorry, what? I know, right. So that means that year-twelvers are starting to look at/apply for university or TAFE courses and some adults may be looking at mid-year university entry. This was me three years ago- oh lord, I am getting old- and all that hard work, late nights and binge-stress eating paid off because I was accepted into my (at the time) dream degree!

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As my first blog post on the Student Sharehouse I thought I would entertain you guys with tips and typically awkward scenarios I experienced in my first year of uni. My first year of uni was a struggle for me, unlike high-school. University is a completely different experience. Let’s get the ball rolling!

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Ten things you learn about yourself when you start uni:

1.       What kind of a study-er you are: school is one thing, but uni tests your motivation, procrastination and dedication. I, for example, found out I am NOT a study-er. I can’t sit down and study. If I don’t actively learn throughout the semester it means a whooole lot of OMG when it comes time for exams. So I chose a course that doesn’t have a lot of exams 😛

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Student Public Transport Life – Part 2


This is a follow up to my part 1 blog, which you can view here. Now that we are over 6 weeks into the semester it’s given us time to experience the joys of public transport with our fellow human’s so it only seems right to put those moments into another blog.

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Yet Another Deadline

Because we don’t already have enough; a new deadline has been set – Tertiary Transport Concession Cards will be required for all students as of the 1st of July and if you don’t have one – you will be fined. Obviously as abundantly wealthy students a fine shouldn’t be a problem; we have plenty of time to work to get the money back… *cough…cough*…

But if by any chance you wish to not pay a fine I’d have a look at the TTCC application forms and send yours in ASAP.

Do The Loop

Ok, so you’ve made it through your first few weeks, hopefully unscathed, and you’re well on your way to being a fully-fledged student. However, if you are like I was when I first started at QUT, there are a few things you probably haven’t been taught yet.  Read more

Public Transport Playlist

We all know that Public Transport can start your day off in an unpleasant way. The train or bus ride into uni can either help you have a great day, or can put you in a foul mood for hours. But to avoid said foul mood, I tend to find a good ol’ tune to be the best method.  Read more

Confessions of a First Year Student

Everyone loves a good ol’ embarrassing confession, there is just something about them that makes your own hidden incidents more acceptable. So, I have decided to, with much apprehension, share with the public, my small, yet nonetheless embarrassing story in the hope of making you feel a little less embarrassed and perhaps, if you feel so inclined, you will post a confession of your own. 🙂  Read more

The Semester of Saving

Over the holidays Josh (my partner) and I moved house. We’re living in the granny flat at his mum’s property in Munruben Forest – it has a beautiful country cottage feel and I’m setting up a herb garden and veggie patch (slowly). We’re so lucky to pay ridiculously cheap rent and still get our own privacy plus kitchen, bathroom, lounge of our own and we got a wireless repeater to pick up the internet signal from the main house.

Clearly with our living costs so low I would be mad to not start saving, right? The question is HOW? This might be very straight forward for those accustomed to being financially savvy but for me it’s quite the challenge. I know the basics – spend less money – but after that I’m kind of scratching my head. So after (unsuccessfully) trying to convince Josh to become a vegetarian, trawling the net for some advice, talking to friends and family and thinking about the things I already do to save money, have come across a few gems of advice that I would like to share. Read more