Campus Culture Fix #2 – Music & Dance!

If you’ve not yet taken the chance to look ahead at QUT’s calendar, let me tell you: you’re in for some serious culture this semester!

We all have our own tastes and passions when it comes to music, dance and art. QUT’s undergradute arts programs are designed to allow students the ultimate freedom in style and creativity, so there’s something for everyone when QUT performers take the stage. Here are some opportunities for you to catch some local talent soon: Read more

Public Transport Playlist

We all know that Public Transport can start your day off in an unpleasant way. The train or bus ride into uni can either help you have a great day, or can put you in a foul mood for hours. But to avoid said foul mood, I tend to find a good ol’ tune to be the best method.  Read more

Old at Heart

Despite hopping on board with this blogging shebang, I’ve realised a brutally ironic truth: the internet vexes my mind. Between trying to post, start new websites and remember stupid passwords every time QUT changes them (notably: “igotaigotapocketfullofsunshine,”) I’ve managed to work out that the 21st Century is not for me, and more importantly, I’m actually an old man in the body of a (ridiculously good looking) teenager. Here’s why: Read more

Plans for 2013

My year officially finishes on 1 November, because that’s when the last of my 50% assignments are due (no exams, yay).  Yes, my sanity may be declining since I have four 50% assignments to do AT THE SAME TIME, but realising just how close Christmas and New Year’s Eve are, it’s giving me motivation to….well, get motivated.  And thus I have created an action plan for 2013, my 3rd and penultimate year of uni, filled with things I’m going to try and do.

Because this is much more productive than actually doing my assignments.

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Of Celts and Kilts

Upon learning I was going to be a QUT blogger, I was gripped by an instant compulsion to share my pearls and/or nuggets of wisdom using the power of the interwebs. I wanted to start straight away, and chronicle my every undoubtedly invaluable thought.

Well, I didn’t. For the past few weeks uni has been systematically bombarding me with assessment, primarily in the form of interviewing random strangers, attempting to sound professional over the phone whilst I sit in bed with a packet of Doritos.

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Losing My Concert Virginity Via The Wombats.

No this isn’t the script for a sadistic and beastly horror movie. This is the story of my first concert. The Wombats for those who don’t know are an indie rock band from Liverpool. The band consisting of Tod, Dan and Murph (I use the first names because I know them so well ;)) met at the Liverpool institute of performing arts and have since released 3 albums and numerous songs in between.

The band has toured Australia a number of times and was here early this year, but they returned again last Thursday to the Riverstage for yet another amazing concert. Let me tell you how the concert went down.

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Life continues to be Confucius.

I am back from the dead, where creatures sleep deeply and crack dens become living rooms so comfy. I’m not gonna say I’m sorry. I know I haven’t been around these virtual woods for a while. The thing I hate most about irregular bloggers is how apologetic they become when they don’t post. It’s okay if you are a blogger and you take a break. Okay? Sometimes life happens in excessive amounts. It’s a rare occurrence, but it happens. They are times of quiet desperation. Or absolute bliss.

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How I Met Everyone Else

So kids, if you are an International student like me you would probably have a tongue twister of a unique name and a fruit salad of a mixed accent. Also you would probably have a choreographed story about how you moved to Australia for further studies and managing the life away from your family. After a while, it becomes a repetitive routine that you are obliged to follow. But it is a story worth preserving as it becomes the cornerstone for the stories to come.

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